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Larry Dignan is Editor in Chief of ZDNet and Editorial Director of ZDNet's sister site TechRepublic. He was most recently Executive Editor of News and Blogs at ZDNet. Prior to that he was executive news editor at eWeek and news editor at Baseline. He also served as the East Coast news editor and finance editor at CNET Larry has covered the technology and financial services industry since 1995, publishing articles in, Inter@ctive Week, The New York Times, and Financial Planning magazine. He's a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism and the University of Delaware.

Zack Whittaker

Zack Whittaker is the security editor for ZDNet. You can send tips securely via Signal and WhatsApp to 646-755-8849, and his PGP fingerprint for email is: 4D0E 92F2 E36A EC51 DAAE 5D97 CB8C 15FA EB6C EEA5.

Stephanie Condon

Stephanie Condon is a staff writer for CBS Interactive based in Portland, Oregon, covering business technology for ZDNet. She previously covered politics for, as well as the intersection of technology and politics for CNET. Stephanie graduated with a B.A. in communication from Stanford University.

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Siebel's on-demand CRM chief  now available on-demand

Siebel's on-demand CRM chief now available on-demand

Siebel VP and GM for OnDemand and SMB (small/medium business) Bruce Cleveland has put a stake in the ground of sorts.  Though he doesn't mention any competitor by' name, Cleveland circulated a letter to the press this week that left me with the impression that, after hibernating for the winter, he's now emerging from some bunker under Siebel's headquarters, ready to take on Salesforce.

May 27, 2005 by in

The future of nano-biology: regenerating tissue and artificial proteins

The future of nano-biology: regenerating tissue and artificial proteins

The last day the Future in Review conference focused on big societal issues, rather than the usual techno-centric topics. During a panel on the future of nano-biotechnology, Alan Russell, head of regenerative medicine at the University of Pittsburg, described progress in moving from treating symptoms to generating cures and regenerating tissues as a result of the convergence of nanotechnology and biology.

May 26, 2005 by in Telcos

China: 500 million mobile subscribers in 2007

China: 500 million mobile subscribers in 2007

At the Future in Review conference, , general manager, Strategic Development Department, China Mobile Communications, provided some data about her company’s market and the cultural impact on the vast country. Even today, China has more mobile phone subscribers/SMS messengers than the entire population of the U.

May 26, 2005 by in China

Universal Navigator: The next-generation browser?

Universal Navigator: The next-generation browser?

Joe Firmage has spent the last five years and around $13 million, mostly his own money, trying to create the next generation of Internet navigation and a public/private partnership to build rich media content and a directory.  His company, ManyOne Networks, has developed a browser (a variant of Mozilla) called "Universal Navigator" that adds new edge-caching technology to speed display, even for slow dial-up connections.

May 25, 2005 by in Enterprise Software


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