2005: Another year of indigestion and disruption


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  • A sign of maturity

    Dan, as an industry uniquely burdened with non-stop progress we should be ready to see these cycles repeat every so often.
    chris jablonski
  • Nail on the head analysis

    It never ceases to amaze me that the tech industry is so riddled with mergers in which the two sited here are examples of almost charicature status. We can either buy out the closest competintion and try to integrate it before the technology "expires" and customers move on, or we can buy something wholy unrelated to our current business model and see if we are up to expanding our portfilio.

    It seems such a monumantal waste. So many good ideas and good people chewed up and spit out by the system.

    I look forward ot a kinder, gentler workplace, but I confess I do not have any hopes of actually seeing it. These two approaches resemble the American justice system in that they are horrible and only salvaged by the fact that they are more successful than any other approach.

    Let's face it. A more measured approach only means that your new business is irrelevant by the time you have it integrated into your own.
    Mack DaNife
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