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Latest Posts gets into politics

Mitt Romney’s Republican presidential campaign has raised about $20 million so far in 2007 with the help of  “com-Mitt” software for interacting (fundraising) with donors. The activity is otherwise known as CRM, customer relationship management, and salesforce.

April 3, 2007 by Dan Farber


Ding dong, the witch is dead

Yeah, I know it's a little early to declare the DRM 'witch' to be dead but EMI and Apple may very well put the first nail in her coffin!

April 3, 2007 by Marc Wagner


Churchill Club: 9th Annual Top Ten Tech Trends

The Churchill Club held its "9th Annual Top Ten Tech Trends Debate" at the San Jose Fairmont last week. Four of the the top venture investors gave their predictions gave their predictions on the top tech trends emerging over the next few years.

April 3, 2007 by Dan Farber


Who will be the Microsoft of multicore?

Giving the keynote address at the Multicore Expo in Santa Clara Tuesday (March 27), Anant Agarwal, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spoke about how multicore computers will reshape computing. Agarwal characterized the growth of multicore computing: "Multicore has really crashed the computing party," Agarwal said.

April 3, 2007 by Phil Windley