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AMD CTO: Core wars a mistake

AMD CTO Phil Hester said the semiconductor industry made a big mistake by entering megahertz wars at the expense of power management and how applications were actually used. And now the industry could be headed for a similar mistake by playing a game of "I have more cores than you do.

December 13, 2006 by


Yahoo's new currency--the Yootle

David Pennock of Yahoo Research gave a presentation at the company's headquarters as part of an evening “confab” with a number of experts in the prediction market field. As part of a virtual environment called Yootopia, Pennock said the Yahoo has created a currency, called the "Yootle," for prediction markets or for buying favors from other people on the network.

December 13, 2006 by Dan Farber


Mashup Camp 3 at MIT all tee'd up and ready to go (and registration is open)

It hardly seems like a year has passed since the idea of a Mashup Camp first crossed my mind. But that's exactly how long it has been since I first shared the idea with a few other people the day after I attended some after hours events that were being run in conjunction the Syndicate Conference in San Francisco.

December 13, 2006 by David Berlind


Hardware costs make IBM-Yahoo's enterprise search less free

Yahoo and IBM combined forces on an enterprise search product and took a swipe at Google's enterprise search appliances to boot. From the Yahoo blog announcing the IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition:  Beyond creating a product that was super easy to use we don’t believe that small and mid-sized businesses (or even large enterprises!

December 13, 2006 by


VMware's Greene: Utilities pushing virtualization

Power companies are lining up to offer rebates for customers that use virtualization to cut data center power consumption, says VMware president Diane Greene. Greene, speaking at the UBS Enterprise Technology Forum in New York, said that the Pacific Gas and Electric Company rebate program announced in November was just a start.

December 13, 2006 by