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CIO Sessions: Gideon Sasson of Charles Schwab

As part of our CIO Sessions series, I interviewed Gideon Sasson, CIO at the financial services giant Charles Schwab. He has been with Schwab for 11 years, mostly in technology management, but he also did a three-year stint as president of Schwab’s Active Trader retail business.

December 7, 2006 by Dan Farber

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Info security 2007: RAD is bad

Tis the season for predictions from information security vendors and it's scary out there--of course it has to be or there's no reason to buy from these folks. Among the more notable information security predictions for the year ahead:--SPI Dynamics, a Web application testing software and services company, predicts rapid application development is a disaster waiting to happen.

December 7, 2006 by

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IBM: Net's future is mobile middleware

Maybe all you need to connect millions of mobile devices to the Internet is some snazzy middleware from IBM.Darryl Taft at eWeek reports:IBM Research is working on delivering a middleware system that will enable users to tap into the data on mobile devices to create a virtually unlimited pool of data and provide essentially infinite access to the Internet, the company said.

December 7, 2006 by


Pluggd makes podcasts and video scannable

The Internet breeding a new species of human, those who are very adept at scanning, absorbing and cataloging information from the Web at broadband speed. Sitting in front of or holding a screen, with a particular information gathering goal or merely surfing, individuals cruise along at their own scanning speed, processing the data flow in real time and sifting out what is useful in a few seconds or even nanoseconds.

December 7, 2006 by Dan Farber