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Security company gives Mac a boost

In the just released Sophos Security Threat Management Report (requires registration), the dominant cybersecurity threat is from Trojans, which the report said outnumber viruses and worms by 4:1, compared to 2:1 a year ago. In light of the Trojan horses and the dominance of Windows-based threats,  Sophos suggests that home users should consider purchasing a Mac if they haven't already.

July 5, 2006 by Dan Farber


The prompt of doom (or is that despair?)

Having recently switched computers because of a hard drive failure, I can completely relate to Tim Bray's angst over what I'll call the prompt of despair (he calls it the prompt of doom): the one where your browser asks you if you want it to remember the password your putting into some site for you.  Saying "yes" is leads you down a worse path than the hell that lurks in the autodial feature of your cordless phone.

July 5, 2006 by David Berlind


Universal Music hopes better jewel cases will bolster CD sales?

In the Honestly, we don't make this stuff up department, as retail sales of its CDs get whittled away by a la carte downloads (both legal and illegal on the Internet), Universal Music is apparently revamping the packaging of its CDs to spruce up their sales.  Included in the plan are stronger, more durable jewel cases called "super jewel boxes.

July 5, 2006 by David Berlind


Combating ID theft with research

LexisNexis, IBM, the United States Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute's CERT/CC, Indiana University's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, and Syracuse University's CASE Center, and Utica College in New York have joined forces to create a research center to combat identity theft. Heaven knows this is a topic that could use some fresh thinking.

July 5, 2006 by Phil Windley

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Mashup University: Free two-day class on developing mashups

Next week's Mashup Camp (the unconference for the uncomputer) at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA is fully-booked at 400 people and a waiting list is forming (here's the registration page to get on the waiting list). Last February, everyone who showed up at the door on the day of the event got in due to cancellations and no shows.

July 5, 2006 by David Berlind

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WGA 'spyware' lawsuits against Microsoft probably meritless

On the heels of what I believe can best be described as a faux pas on Microsoft's behalf (and I've already said as much), the Redmond, WA-based company is now the subject of two separate class-action suits due to the behavior of its Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) software. Classification of WGA as spyware, which is illegal in many states (there is no federal law yet) is central to both cases.

July 5, 2006 by David Berlind


Notes from the tech conference underground

The extended spring tech conference season is beginning to wind down. I have done my share of time watching panels, keynotes and pitches, and hanging out in hallways and lobbys looking for fresh material, seeking out the strongest signals that portend what’s in store for the future.

July 5, 2006 by Dan Farber


Gnomedex: NewsGator platform roadmap

At Gnomedex, RSS (also known as "feeds") flowed in the background of Gnomedex conversations. It's taken for granted that every application and service strives for RSS goodness.

July 1, 2006 by Dan Farber