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ActiveGrid recipe: Soak in XML. Integrate. Scale.

For companies looking to speed up integration between new and legacy systems (or, just new and new systems), I've seen a lot of products out that there that use Web services standards (namely XML) to (1) give everything that needs to be integrated a common XML interface and (2) provide the graphical app dev environment for stringing everything together in rapid fashion. But what many of these XML soaking rapid app dev solutions have no concept of is scalability.

October 6, 2006 by David Berlind


Time to CTRL-ATL-DEL the Motorola Q?

I just went to make a phone call with the Motorola Q smartphone that I'm testing and, when I activated the sleeping display (by the way, there's no single button that does this without doing something else too.... something else you may not want to do), here's what I saw: I'm not sure what exactly went wrong.

October 6, 2006 by David Berlind


Example of how PCs will give way to specialized appliances

Dovetailing my blog post from yesterday about why an Intel acquisition of Nvidia makes sense (answer: appliance innovators need a flexible platform that's not a PC motherboard that gets them 95 percent of the way "there"), this post gives an example of the sort of appliance I was thinking about.

October 6, 2006 by David Berlind


About that supposedly legal MP3 download site in Russia....

Back when I first started complaining about how a 99 cent song (purchased at the iTunes Music Store) couldn't be played back on my $20,000 whole-home entertainment system (a shining example of the problem with DRM technology), a bunch of people suggested that I could legally buy music that would work from a Russian-based source of unprotected MP3 files called

October 5, 2006 by David Berlind


The Business of Changing The World: Corporate Philanthropy

Last night I attended a dinner to celebrate the release of The Business of Changing The World: Twenty Great Leaders on Strategic Corporate Philanthropy, a book by's Marc Benioff (written with Carlye Adler) that covers corporate philanthropy, with essays by Michael Dell, Craig Barrett (Intel), Mike Eskew (UPS), Jean-Pierre Garnier (GlaxoSmithKline), Phil Marineau (Levi Strauss), Steve Case (AOL) and a dozen other executives.

October 5, 2006 by Dan Farber

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The Attention Gang prepares for a land grab

Fellow ZDNet blogger Denise Howell and I went to an AttentionTrust luncheon, where Michael Goldhaber decoded the concept of attention and Seth Goldstein and Steve Gillmor rolled out some AttentionTrust and GestureBank announcements. Denise covers Goldhaber's talk and the Goldstein/Gillmor announcements with her usual thoroughness.

October 5, 2006 by Dan Farber


Dave Duffield sheds light on his Workday

PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield and friends have been working in their post-Oracle era on a new set of enterprise applications built from the ground up on modern technology--XML, SOA, Web services--to enable an "innovative core design." The Workday Web site has a preview, but it's more of a statement of position--no screenshots, test drives or other useful data.

October 4, 2006 by Dan Farber