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TiVo warms to the iPod

The video iPod isn't the first portable device to play video, but it is an iPod and that seems to make all the difference.  I think it will be a watershed in portable video--finally making it mainstream.

November 21, 2005 by Phil Windley


Anti-DRM tide rises inside Sony; Scotch tape defeats rootkit

Just a few quick hits on the still evolving Sony rootkit story.  Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow claims to have received an e-mail from a highly placed source within Sony BMG indicating that record label heads may be rethinking DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) as a part of their business.

November 21, 2005 by David Berlind


Two Solaris advantages

Sun's Solaris offers IBM one very important feature that AIX cannot -- a mature Intel port. (See David Berlind's "Predictions of Solaris' death were obviously premature.

November 20, 2005 by Marc Wagner


Firefox accelerating development cycle

Firefox has crossed the 100 million download mark, has somewhere between 8 and 14 percent share of the browser market, depending on who’s counting, and is closing in on the official release of version 1.5, due around November 28.

November 20, 2005 by Dan Farber


Sony rootkit: The untold story

In light of the way Bruce Schneier has published Sony's DRM Rootkit: The real story -- a story that recounts how quickly things have gone from bad to worse for Sony, I thought it would only be fitting to publish the untold story (does our industry have the equivalent of the E! Hollywood True Story?

November 18, 2005 by David Berlind

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Servicing the longtail of data warehousing

Enterprise applications are large, difficult to set up, and needs lots of custom programming to integrate with the rest of the company's tools.   What's more they're very expensive.

November 18, 2005 by Phil Windley

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The Google Internet

The pseudonymous Robert X. Cringely has an interesting take on what Google is really up to with its dark fiber acquisitions and growing number of data centers.

November 17, 2005 by Dan Farber


In wake of Solaris' renaissance, predictions of its death were obviously premature

Despite predictions of its demise, Unix -- and in particular, Sun's Solaris flavor -- appears to be convalescing instead of following the downward spiral that's typical for operating systems that fall from grace (the PalmOS for example).  In June 2004, after Open Source Initiative president Eric Raymond penned an open letter asking Sun to open source Java, I asked Raymond if he was thinking about penning a similar letter to Sun about Solaris.

November 17, 2005 by David Berlind