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Dave Winer raps on Share your OPML, blogging and more...

Dave Winer's latest application, Share your OPML, creates an aggregated pool of RSS subscription lists, in OPML (Outline Processing Markup Language) format. As a pool of user data, it's similar in concept to Steve Gillmor's GestureBank clickstream commons and Root's data vault.

May 9, 2006 by Dan Farber


Hollywood's melting bipolar icecap

Hollywood's bipolar icecap is starting to melt. This week brings a flurry of announcements about Hollywood establishment content heading online, even in league with former file sharing enemy, BitTorrent.

May 9, 2006 by Dan Farber


OpenDocument versus Microsoft's Open XML: War of words intensifies

Yesterday, the fecal matter started to hit the fan when Sun's director of Web technologies Tim Bray responded to comments made by Microsoft standards and open source general manager Jason Matusow regarding the OpenDocument Format (ODF).  Today, Andy Updegrove (lawyer for OASIS, the consoritium that published the ODF specification) ratcheted things up a notch by referring to Microsoft's statements as disinformation and "The Big Lie.

May 9, 2006 by David Berlind


UK firm to reattach amputated IT limb to IBM in outsourcing deal

Reuters: UK cable company NTL  reported a small first-quarter operating profit on Tuesday and announced plans to reduce its workforce by about a third following its merger with rival Telewest....Of the 6,000 job cuts, mostly in back-office operations, roughly half will be outsourced to companies including IBM Chief Executive Steve Burch said in a conference call....

May 9, 2006 by David Berlind


Webapps unplugged: How they can work

In an attempt to help people better understand how a technology like Java DB can keep Web applications running even when no Internet connection is present, Sun's "Mr. JavaDB" Francois Orsini has posted a bit of a primer that talks about persistence and Java DB can faclitate something called "Local AJAX.

May 9, 2006 by David Berlind


Rotten Apple gives Beatles agida

Right about now, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is flicking his nose with his thumb at the music industry and saying "Whose your Daddy now?" In addition to getting the top four music labels to knuckle under to his rules for selling music on the Internet, Jobs has beat back a challenge from Apple Corps: the record label made infamous by The Beatles.

May 8, 2006 by David Berlind


Hoo-ah! Brainiacs to ban laptops in classrooms?

A story made the rounds last week about how various colleges have either banned notebook computers from their classrooms, shut down their wireless networks, or are considering such moves in an effort to keep students focused.   This type of knee-jerk reaction reminds me of the sort of spirit that the company Websense kindles amongst its current a prospective customers (see Questionable $178B loss: Employee's fault?

May 8, 2006 by David Berlind

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