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Is Novell's Groupwise on death row?

After listening to Brian Green, Novell's European director of Linux solutions, give a keynote regarding the company's forthcoming marriage of NetWare's services to the SuSE Linux kernel (Novell calls this Open Enterprise Server), Novell's customers are worrying that the company will put some of its non-open source products such as Groupwise on the chopping block. The worries are not unfounded.

January 27, 2005 by David Berlind


In wake of Fortune's story, picking apart HP...

In issue #7 of ZDNet's IT Matters series of podcasts (download the MP3, or learn how to have them automatically downloaded while you're sleeping), I interview the Enderle Group's principal analyst Rob Enderle about the damaging article that was recently published in Fortune Magazine (see Fortune on why Fiorina's big bet is failing) and what the prospects are for the futures of HP and its CEO Carly Fiorina.

January 27, 2005 by David Berlind


Will Sun's 1600 patents suck the life out of Linux?

Now that people in blogosphere and open-source circles have had two days to let Sun's OpenSolaris announcement sink in, the commentary is starting to show up. But before touching on that, first a quick review of what happened.

January 27, 2005 by David Berlind


Software-as-a-service: Phase II

Martin LaMonica has a report on how IBM is gearing up its hosted services to deliver applications via the Internet. After the success of companies like salesforce.

January 27, 2005 by ZDNet

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Customer integration points

Over the past five years, many CIOs have put significant effort intodeploying customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These systemsprovide a single view of the customer for the sales organization and givereal IT support to activities that were previously handled inspreadsheets, address books, and e-mail.

January 26, 2005 by Phil Windley

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An alternative history of tech

Michael Kanellos ponders an alternate history of tech (a very brief alternate history that takes a page from Philip Roth's best seller, The Plot Against America), looking at the impact of a Moore's Law that wimped out in the 1990's, an Apple Computer that licensed the Mac OS, an IBM that didn't allow Microsoft to license the OS, a Digital Equipment that succeeded in the market, and a world without the mouse.

January 26, 2005 by ZDNet

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