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Why open access won't fix our telecom mess

Continuing my previous post, the biggest problem I have with Thomas Bleha's prescription for fixing what ails American broadband is its requirement of open access. At first blush, that might seem a good idea.

May 11, 2005 by John Carroll


Converging federation standards?

Key members of the federated identity specification and standards gangs—OASIS, Liberty Alliance and the IBM/Microsoft led WS-* --met at Digital ID World 2005 today to discuss their different approaches to deriving specifications and the possibility of convergence.

May 11, 2005 by Dan Farber


Jamie Lewis on the future of identity management

Jamie Lewis, Burton Group’s CEO and research chair, opened Digital ID World 2005 today with a densely packed keynote that gave context and perspective to where identity management is heading.  He first talked about trends and emphasized one of the core ideas of the conference, which is that regulatory compliance and automated provisioning are driving identity management adoption.

May 11, 2005 by Chris Jablonski


What's wrong with keynote presentations

Keynote sessions at most conferences come in two primary flavors--enlightening presentations from subject matter experts tuned to the audience and boring, generic corporate pitches from vendors who are conference sponsors (they contribute to the financial well being of the conference).

May 11, 2005 by Dan Farber


The sorry state of American telecom

Thomas Bleha, recipient of an Abe Fellowship and a former Foreign Service officer in Japan for eight years, published an article in the May/June edition of Foreign Affairs where he warns America that its broadband and wireless technology failures could have high costs in the future due to lost opportunities for economic growth, increased productivity, and a better quality of life. (A recent News.

May 11, 2005 by John Carroll


Is the bloom off the cellco WiFi hedge?

From Interop in Las Vegas last week, I wrote about how Intel went to the trouble of blanketing all of greater Las Vegas with a WiMax wireless network and how a local infrastucture provider (MPower Communications) picked up the tab so that the network would stay in place indefinitely.

May 10, 2005 by David Berlind

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Digital identity with a capital 'I'

I’m at Digital ID World 2005 conference in San Francisco. Phil Becker, editor in chief of Digital ID World and host of the event, kicked off the event defining his notion of digital identity, with a capital "I.

May 10, 2005 by Dan Farber