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Apple and Intel tryst

The speculation is running rampant in anticipation of an announcement  tomorrow of some kind about Apple using Intel chips and scrapping its long-time partnership with IBM. One thing for sure--Steve Jobs will be getting Intel chips at bargain basement prices.

June 5, 2005 by Dan Farber


Diving into BTO with Mercury's Lochhead

With the priorities of CIOs now focused on methods for intimately linking business and IT, vendors sensing opportunity are gunning for the burgeoning market for next-generation management tools that do just that. One of the leading vendors is Mercury Interactive, also one of the fastest growing software companies today and a leader in the business technology optimization (BTO) space.

June 3, 2005 by Chris Jablonski


Microsoft to forge relationship with Open Source Initiative?

eWeek has a report  that quotes Open Source Initiative acting president Michael Tiemann as saying "Microsoft reached out to me as president of the OSI and they basically said they wanted to begin a productive conversation, and we agreed to take that at face value."  Later the report quotes Tiemann speculating on thepurpose of the invitation.

June 3, 2005 by David Berlind


All-in-one mobile devices give portable video its first traction

According to a Reuters report published by ZDNet News, the market for mobile devices that are dedicated to the playback of video isn't getting much traction.  The story quotes one manufacturer (Kinpo Electronics) from the Computex trade show in Taiwan as saying "Many people have come to ask about [our portable video player], but actual orders are very few....

June 3, 2005 by David Berlind


Masters of cybercrime

The consensus among the panelists at a Churchill Club discussion entitled "Masters of Cybercrime: The Ultimate Battle of Good and Evil," was that the good guys aren't winning.

June 2, 2005 by Dan Farber


Marcus Sachs on securing the homeland

Prior to the Churchill Club event, "Masters of Cybercrime: The Ultimate Battle of Good and Evil," I spoke with Marcus Sachs, one of the nation's top cyberwarriors. He is currently a computer scientist at SRI International and under contract with the U.

June 2, 2005 by Dan Farber

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The 9th Annual Semiconductor Forecast

On May 23, 2005, the Churchill Club held its 9th Annual Semiconductor Forecast, looking at the impact of evolving consumer electronics markets, wireless and wired communications semiconductor markets, new chip architectures and other technology innovations. The panel of prognosticators included Mark Edelstone, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley; Daniel Niles, CEO, Neuberger Berman Technology Management; and Joe Osha, First Vice President, Global Research, Merrill Lynch.

June 2, 2005 by Dan Farber

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The bigger picture on Watergate

As an avid follower of Watergate, I have been consuming megabytes of data about the unmasking of Deep Throat for decades. I can remember following the story in the newspapers (pre-Internet) and listening to the Watergate hearings on the radio.

June 2, 2005 by Dan Farber