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Where have all the good databases gone

Former Microsoft and BEA and now Google software wizard Adam Bosworth has a controversial blog post on the problems with today's database products, and calls on the open source community to rise up and create the Apache of databases...My message is to the Open Source community that has, so ably, built LAMP (Linux, Apache and Tomcat and MySQL and PHP and PERL and Python).

January 4, 2005 by ZDNet


Miss or Mister Manners in the digital age

Last year Microsoft Research has developed the SenseCam, a sort of "personal black box" that records up to 2,000 wide-angle VGA pictures of your day along with acceleration, temperature, and light levels. It can be worn as a badge, and uses information from its sensors--such as sudden movement or light-level changes--to decide when to take a picture.

January 4, 2005 by ZDNet


Easy way to send relief to tsunami victims

We may be on holiday here at ZDNet, but I felt this one was worth coming out of hibernation for. Amazon has set up an on-line collections center if you want to donate money to the American Red Cross and ear mark it for tsunami disaster relief.

December 29, 2004 by David Berlind


The killer app for camera phones

Cell phone camera and messaging capabilities are apparently being used to cheat on tests. Students snap photographs of questions and send them to confederates who SMS back the answers.

December 27, 2004 by ZDNet


10 New Year's resolutions for Microsoft

Directions on Microsoft put together a list of 10 challenges for Microsoft in 2005. "Left unattended, each (challenge) could ultimately interrupt Microsoft's 25-plus-year run of growth and profits and leave the door open for younger, smaller and more nimble competitors," the analyst house said in its end-of-year research note Wednesday.

December 23, 2004 by Chris Jablonski