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Between WebDav and IPP, is SAMBA dead?

If you've been reading any of my stories regarding Windows, Linux, or Mac, then by now, you've picked up on the fact that I use SAMBA to facilitate Microsoft-based (SMB) file and printer sharing on Linux.

October 13, 2004 by David Berlind


ROFL of the Day: "WMA is an open standard"

Richard Branson may know a thing or two about flying airplanes, balloons, taking commercial flights into space, and being in the record industry, but his company Virgin Electronics has a bit of a warped sense of reality when it comes to technology standards.

October 12, 2004 by David Berlind


Novell: "The best OSSense is a good defense"

In a move that Novell says is designed to make its intentions clear when it comes to any patents it may have to the open source software (OSS) it distributes, Novell has issued a policy statement saying that those patents are purely for defensive purposes. Patents on software is a controversial issue these days because of how they basically result in government-sanctioned monopolies.

October 12, 2004 by David Berlind


Are Mac OS X's days numbered thanks to Linux?

Although it is often hailed as the go-to alternative for consumers and companies that are fed up with the security situation with Windows, desktop Linux still has some ground to cover before it's "there."  What's "there?

October 12, 2004 by David Berlind


Legislated Linux

The French Atomic Energy Commission and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology are cooperating on the development of a Linux-based platform that can be used in multiple environments, including PCs, servers and PDAs. The two groups signed an agreement in the presence of French President Jacques Chirac and Chinese President Hu Jintao this week...

October 12, 2004 by ZDNet