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Rachel King is a staff writer for ZDNet based in San Francisco.

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Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News. He is based in New York City.

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Non-SP2 Windows users open to JPG poison pill

Microsoft has issued a patch that eliminates a vulnerability found in just about any Microsoft software that's capable of viewing JPG images (one of the most commonly used image formats for Web pages).

September 14, 2004 by David Berlind


CA interim CEO steps up to the plate

I interviewed Ken Cron, interim CEO at Computer Associates, about the challenges ahead for CA--growing revenues, potential layoffs, offshore hiring, the ongoing government investigation (which he says will be resolves shortly) and whether he would take the permanent CEO slot if offered...

September 14, 2004 by ZDNet


Grading George Bush on tech

No matter how hard you look, you won't find much regarding technology mentioned in President Bush's recent convention speech. Bush didn't bring up Internet taxes, cheaper broadband, or tax credits -- the closest he came was a mention of his campaign Web site.

September 14, 2004 by ZDNet


Novell both-source vision

Speaking yesterday at Novell's annual conference in Barcelona, CEO Jack Messman told customers and partners that Microsoft's exhaustive license fees for Windows have prevented enterprises and developers from directing cash into more "innovative" software. "Microsoft has sucked $60 billion out of our industry that could have been used for innovation," said Messman, who thinks innovation stands a better chance with Novell's brand of juggling the open-source and proprietary worlds.

September 13, 2004 by ZDNet


Security vendors pitch aggravated SMBs

Security breaches can impact companies in a variety of adverse ways. But when Yankee Group (registration required) surveyed small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), unwanted aggravation came out on top of the list:Sixty-eight percent of SMBs quantified their security issues from the last year only as a nuisance resulting in no real down time or inability to function as a business.

September 13, 2004 by Chris Jablonski