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Larry Dignan is Editor in Chief of ZDNet and SmartPlanet as well as Editorial Director of ZDNet's sister site TechRepublic.

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Rachel King is a staff writer for ZDNet based in San Francisco.

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Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News. He is based in New York City.

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A Different More Responsive Microsoft?

Robin Bloor, CEO and driving force behind his analyst firm Bloor Research, sees Microsoft at similar crossroads IBM faced when it was subject to antitrust actions throughout the 1970s.

November 18, 2004 by Chris Jablonski


IBM tags the mid-market for RFID

IBM' decision to pioneer the mid-market for RFID products and services appears to be paying off. According to a recent report from Yankee Group (client reg.

November 17, 2004 by Chris Jablonski


PalmOne's Colligan on the hot seat in Asia

In a relentless line of questioning, CNETAsia's Aloysius Choong hangs on to PalmOne president Ed Colligan like a pit bull to get a better idea of the course that the hardware manufacturer has charted for itself amidst an onslaught from the Microsoft-based PocketPC world and a setback with China's largest wireless carrier.

November 16, 2004 by David Berlind


HP's Fink finks on Solaris 10

In his blog that, judging by its first entry, is unquestionably designed to neutralize, and even perhaps counter the mud that Sun COO Jonathan...

November 16, 2004 by David Berlind