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Spam standard critcs err with glass is half emtpy attitude

Last week, purveyors of e-mail security solutions -- particularly those that operate in the anti-spam ecosystem -- started making hay over the alleged failure of the most prevalently deployed defacto standard for combatting spam: Meng Weng Wong's Sender Policy Framework (SPF) specification.

September 9, 2004 by David Berlind


Fly eating robot

British scientists are developing a robot that will generate its own power by eating flies.The idea is to produce electricity by catching flies and digesting them in special fuel cells that will break down sugar in the insects' skeletons and release electrons that will drive an electric current.

September 8, 2004 by ZDNet Editor


Danger CEO talks big

Engadget features an interview with Danger CEO Hank Nothhaft. Despite the fact that I don't love the new BlackBerry, RIM is clearly the leader in this category and will continue to be successful with their hardware for the short term as the OEM strategy evolves and competition with Good Technology forces both companies to make better products.

September 8, 2004 by ZDNet Editor