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IT EasyPass

The Sun Microsystems School of Disruptive Licensing matriculated another graduate today, as Yankee Group analyst (and Gillmor Gang regular) Dana Gardner reports:Sun Microsystems keeps moving forward the notion with solution packages at subscription pricing, and now Mirapoint, is providing a bundle of messaging appliance, security, migrations services, storage, and Outlook email connectors for $100 per user for large enterprises for the first year.

July 22, 2004 by Steve Gillmor


Democracy and

In a recent interview, Marc Benioff, CEO of the newly minted public company, was asked where he plans to take the company.

July 22, 2004 by ZDNet


Amazon, eBay, Google: service providers of the future?

Traditional IT service providers appear to be in the best position to lead the IT industry toward the utility computing landscape, but IDC sees things a bit differently; like the potential for some current or unknown players to emerge and disrupt the nature of utility computing. Take for instance, firms with platforms that already deliver on-demand services successfully on a global scale: Amazon, eBay, and Google.

July 21, 2004 by Chris Jablonski


CNN and Technorati: Unconventional wisdom

Political conventions have devolved since Kennedy commandeered television. As suspense went out the window thanks to front-loaded primaries and brokered tickets, the Big Show became an infomercial.

July 21, 2004 by Steve Gillmor


Labs look beyond today's hard drives

Michael Kanellos reports on several start-ups that are tinkering with materials ranging from molten silicon to animal protein to enhance or replace hard drives and other storage devices...

July 21, 2004 by ZDNet