90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

Summary: Here's a quick video to showcase some of the features that HP is offering with its WebOS and TouchPad tablet


Hewlett Packard executives spent a couple of hours gushing over the features of WebOS today, as showcased on the new TouchPad tablet. After the event was over, the company welcomed guests to come and see the devices in action. There was a strict no-touching rule - but my FlipCam and I got close enough to one of the demonstrators to get an up-close view.

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Here's an edited 90-second (or so) video that showcases some of the features of WebOS.

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  • RE: 90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

    looks cool
    • But, for now and this year, pointless

      @bnlf: for iPad, there are more than 60000 *tablet* applications even now. For WebOS and Android -- near to zero.

      HP tablet is just an iPad clone with "trade dress" infringement (see definition) and no software or actual developer platform to build it.
      • Except HP...


        Which will likely fund major application development. You don't need 60k apps if you have the 100 most important ones. Once those are in place the platform can grow and the apps will come. And you'll probably be able to install other browsers, flash, etc. Plus it's another alternative and if Palm could have pushed more devices out and got some shelf space I think WebOS would have done much better. It's a pretty cool OS and those I know who purchased the Pre absolutely love it.
      • RE: 90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

        @LiquidLearner: yes, WebOS is pretty good since it was conceptually conceived by Apple. Some people then left Apple for Palm in the search of big $$$ and -- it was fair -- failed at that.

        As a plus side, users got quite good OS from this. However, <b>Microsoft is much richer than HP and still it could not force developers to make big deal of applications for Windows Phone</b> -- what could make think anyone that HP will be better at that?

        (But, anyway, even if HP will succeed, then still it will take no less that half year before al least "most important" applications will appear on this platform -- and that is counting from platform's actual sales start, not from now.)
      • RE: 90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

        @denisrs HP should write a compiler so existing iPad objective-C apps can be cross compiled onto WebOS. Why not? Isn't that what high level languages are for?
        The Star King
  • RE: 90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

    Apps would add up - 15 weather applications, 200 calendar applications, all will get ported anyway to all platforms. Skype is coming, Fring will come, what else will I need. The e-mail application looks good.
    The best part was the carrying your life across multiple devices, that is cool. In India, I won't sleep with my Tablet, but will do so with my phone under the pillow.
  • Looks like a solid design and stable.

    Good luck WebOS.
  • RE: 90 seconds with HP's TouchPad and WebOS [video]

    Looks very interesting. The demo video shows that the device is quite responsive. Reminds me a lot of the BlackBerry Playbook, which is also very responsive.