Ad-supported Windows and desktop apps?

Ad-supported Windows and desktop apps?

Summary:'s Ina Fried has the scoop some internal documents from Microsoft ruminating on ad-supported software that leverages its new adCenter platform, beyond Office Live and Windows Live.

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8's Ina Fried has the scoop some internal documents from Microsoft ruminating on ad-supported software that leverages its new adCenter platform, beyond Office Live and Windows Live. The document Microsoft Money lists factors that would favor the ad-supported model, such as online usage, data exposed for targeting ads, ad-supported competitors. Microsoft Works, Money and OneNote fit the bill. Here's the really interesting part:

The company's exploration of ad-supported software extends even to Windows, its most important product. An ad-supported version of Windows could make some sense, the Microsoft researchers argue in their Thinkweek piece, noting that the operating system reportedly earns $9 per year per user.

"It seems possible that we could match that revenue via ads, but there are difficult UI (user interface) issues to solve, since the OS does not have a natural way to display ads that does not annoy users," the Microsoft workers say in the paper. One suggested possibility is a low-end version of the OS that comes bundled with other ad-supported programs such as Works, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player. However, the writers point out that "it's not clear how to prevent these elements from being replaced." 

In his post from Nov. 3, Phil Wainewright explains why he thinks the idea of ad-supported applications is complete bull, on two counts.  

Topic: Windows

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  • More MICROSUCKS B.S. !!!

    MICROSUCKS can take Windoze and their software apps and shove them where the Sun don't shine, as far as I and most people are concerned. All of these MICROSUCKS ploys to exploit PC users with DEFECTIVE O/Ss and software, with or without Ads is all the more reason to dump these SCUMBAG THIEVES and move to Linux.

    IMNHO, only a G.D. FOOL would endure the abuse perpetuated by a convicted criminal corp. such as MICROSUCKS !!!
    • So it's not BS when Google does it?

      • George, why waste time on a used up basher with nothing to say?

        At least nothing any sane person would listen too.
      • George Ou: the defender of Microsoft

        Amazing how George Ou (a journalist???) rushes to defend Microsoft with the sense of duty and urgency. Good work George, keep up the Microsoft marketing, Redmond needs it desperately.
        If you have not noticed yet, I have surprising news for you: Microsoft is the most hated company in the world. Amazing! the customer doesn't matter when M$ has a monopoly on the industry and Media FUD thru you at ZDNET.
        Oh, by the way, in case you haven't noticed as well, there are huge differences between M$ and Google. Guess what they are....
        • And you are objective?

          Based on your comments, you're hardly the one to talk about objectivity. George asked *a* simple question (without showing whether he liked the concept from MS or Google) and it deserves an honest debate; however, you, sir, have demonstrated why debate is largely impossible with zealots. Rather than talking about facts, you resort to personal attacks and name calling.

          My 2 cents.
          Chad Strunk
      • George wait a minute

        Dont drag Googles into this yet ...
        were not force to use googles.
        were can live without googles .
        and until recently Googles is not a threat

        but time for googles dealing will come if it has too dont worry .

        Dont forget that M$ had years of BS that user can hate them for ...
        if googles make the same mistake well i douth that will act accrodingly
  • Microsoft Spyware 1.0 - grand.

    I'm still trying to figure out WHY Microsoft would make this move. There is no direct profit and the consumer base would only be annoyed to ribbons by it. Microsoft knows you don't drive customers away, you try to keep them and the resultant market share, which is all anybody seems to give a rip about. Homogeny - much like inbreeding, it's not a good thing...)

    But I digress. Apart from using adware and spyware to track peoples' interests, I see nothing that will benefit Microsoft here. But tracking people is more than enough.
  • matter where it comes from

    I'm quite willing to accept a moderate amount of advertisement in certain venues; however, when I'm writing I don't want MORE distractions. I want less. I want to be alone with my thoughts. Ads will not help.

    I don't care who's product we're talking about here - MS, OO.o, Google, Sun, Novell, Red Hat, etc. - I don't want ads in my productivity apps or OS. That's the core reason I have a computer and I want my core apps to be clean.

    My 2 cents.
    Chad Strunk