Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

Summary: Adobe is positioning for the day when tablets become more than consumption devices.


Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, is betting that tablets will become more than consumption devices as they get more powerful processors.

Speaking at the Citi Technology Conference, Narayen said tablets will become more full powered computing devices that can be used to create content.

When we think of content offering as tablet applications, it's clear that tablet applications today are a consumption device, but these tablet applications continue to gain in power, and it's no question that they will be used not just for consumption, but also for authoring. And Adobe is going to embrace that as an authoring paradigm as well.

Narayen said that Adobe launched its Carousel imaging application that allows users to edit and manage photos. Carousel is basically Lightroom for the tablet.

I think you will see us be very aggressive about offering tablet applications, whether that's for Web creation, whether that's for graphics, whether that's for artwork, whether that's for video, on all of these tablet applications to our professional customers, as well as, it's actually a great customer acquisition for us, because the education segment tends to be an area which is of great strength for us, and they are also embracing these tablet applications.

Of course, the largest issue with Narayen's projection revolves around when tablets will become full-blown authoring tools. With quad-core chips on the way, there's no doubt tablets will become more powerful and steal more PC sales.

Gartner said Thursday that PC shipments for 2011 would be up 3.8 percent from 2010. Sales are supposed to pick up for 2012. Gartner cited a weak economy, excess inventory and new form factors like tablets for the anemic 2011 growth.

"More worrisome for the long term is that Generation Y has an altogether different view of client devices than older generations and are not buying PCs as their first, or necessarily main, device," said Ranjit Atwal, a Gartner research director.

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  • Good move but ...

    ... I don't like Carousel's subscription model of $60 per year to host a special version of my photo library. I'll sort out the storage thanks and ADOBE can sell me the software for perpetual use.<br><br>I do like the idea of taking my shots on holiday, beaming them to a tablet and doing some fixing while I'm enjoying a G&T by the pool!

    PS: you need a Windows (8) version ;-)
    • Good idea....

      @johnfenjackson@... : offer a product for an unreleased OS...

      Would it be nice if they also offered iOS 7 support and new applications for Android 5 (Jellybeans)...
  • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

    I can never see using PhotoShop on a tablet, it is too random in how things are accomplished and that is obvious from Adobe's application.
    • Photoshop no: Lightroom yes

      Carousel is Lightroom, not Photoshop. I can see it being useful for amateurs and professionals alike.

      Lightroom has simple slider-style corrections for all the major errors amateurs typically make ... and the immediacy of a tablet would allow, say, a pro wedding photographer to show his work to clients at the event itself! (With prospective clients looking on.)
      • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

        While I want to agree with you, showing photos on a laptop is actually easier if you don't want to hand the device around in a circle, because it props the screen up for you.
    • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

      @Peter Perry True, but future generations may use these as a computer on a stand or dock with a keyboard and mouse and even a monitor if something like Thunderbolt catches on... then you can grab it and go sort of like the laptop use case today... I see the desktop / tower PC at risk!
      • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

        @hjenkins1 Or better yet, I see the desktop / tower PC shrinking in that really a risk? Hasn't that already happened with Laptops and Netbooks? Won't it continue to happen? Probably.

        The question is, how small will it get? I think the tablet sized PC makes the most sense. Phone sizes like the Motorola Atrix are fun, but not real productive, unless we find a way to shrink humans too.
    • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

      @Peter Perry
      I can ... that is, I have been for years. Painting a mask is 100% times easier and more precise when you can turn your computer any angle you want and draw with a pen directly on the screen. Love it.
  • adobe is finally waking up

    when the ipad arrived the wintel pundits ridiculed it for being an oversized ipod touch and how crazy it was to leave out this amazing adobe flash "standard" (which of course is totally proprietary). adobe went to great lengths to explain how unfair it is and threatened to do everything in their power to make apple relent.

    when apple sold millions of them in the first quarter the wintel box assemblers woke up and tried to rush cheap plasticky copies to market (realizing in horror that suddenly they can't undercut apple in price and don't have any OS they could use). the pundits and analysts were shocked too and hastily declared the ipad to be a media consumption device, not suitable for real work and thus not countable as a pc (whereas windows tablets have been counted as pcs all the time).

    now 18 months later after apple is on track to sell 50 million of its post-pc ipads in 2011 alone and millions of workers out there already use the ipad as their main working device adobe finally sees the business opportunity. good for them.

    meanwhile wintel who*e gartner still talks about a "tablet" market where in reality there are no tablets sold. (as the samsung galaxy debacle clearly shows: 20.000 sold vs. 1.000.000 shipped) people only buy ipads. there is no tablet market, there is only an ipad market.

    p.s. that 3.8 growth that gartner is predicting in 2011 is only happening because apple is a part of that number. take apple out of those statistics and the wintel pc market is shrinking. for the first time in history. and that is not because of "tablets". that is because of the ipad.
  • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

    No, no they won't.
  • RE: Adobe CEO: Tablets will be more than consumption devices

    managing and editing photos? How many jobs like that are out there? I do not think managing and editing your own photos qualify as a non-consumption task.