Amazon cuts Kindle price, goes global as competition ramps

Amazon cuts Kindle price, goes global as competition ramps

Summary: Amazon cut the price of its Kindle from $299 to $259 and launched and international version.First, the price cut (Techmeme).

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Amazon cut the price of its Kindle from $299 to $259 and launched and international version.

First, the price cut (Techmeme). The move comes as e-reader competition ramps up. Sony has e-readers with broad retail distribution. In addition, Barnes & Noble plans to sell a handful of e-readers. And Best Buy is planning an e-reader section. Simply put, Amazon will have its hands full when it comes to staying the top dog. Pricing will matter.

But there is a bit of a hedge with the international Kindle. Consumers can buy a Kindle with U.S. and international wireless access for $279. For an extra $20 why wouldn't you get the international version---even if you're abroad just once a year?

The international Kindle is available in 100 countries via AT&T's global network. In the U.S., Kindle uses Sprint.

Amazon's international Kindle adds newspapers like The Times in the UK, Le Monde and Shanghai Daily, but otherwise the specifications are the same as the current Kindle.

Topics: Hardware, Amazon

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  • Kindle will need more than a Price Cut

    Amazon may have been first out of the gate with a quality e-reader, but they will be left in the dust if they don't add features and functionality in the Kindle 3. And the proprietary "Amazon only" thing will also be a killer if they don't lose that.
    • I agree

      9 months ago this price cut may have convinced me to purchase, but now that there is good competition and given the way they've treated their customers it's nowhere near being enough to convince me to purchase.
      Michael Kelly
  • Not to mention...

    ...the whole "book burning" thing.

    Until Amazon removes the ability to reach out and delete content from the Kindle, and makes a legally binding declaration to never do it again the Kindle is DOA as far as I'm concerned.

    Well, *Amazon* is DOA really...
  • When will they get it that not everyone wants to buy another device?

    They could sell gobs of books more if they allowed people to view the books on other devices.
    • Multiformat eBooks

      There are many other eBook stores on the net that have multiformat eBooks! Amazon could have had a big lead in name recognition alone if they sold in Formats other than their own proprietary one! I'd tell you just to use Google to find ebook stores online, but my favorite one doesn't even show up on the first page! Free ones are at, there are many of them! Happy reading!
  • Too Late

    I waited for the past two years for Amazon to make the Kindle available outside the US. Got tired of waiting.
    Bought a Sony Reader instead. Much better reader anyways. Plus they don't break into it in the middle of the night...
  • fake pricing

    Hopefully when this all shakes out you'll be able to buy a 'reader' for 100 or less dollars. Which is the maximum value of a device that probably costs less than 20 dollars to produce. Of course you'll always have the Nike market that will pay any outrageous price in the name of 'fashion' but you don't have to be able to read to buy shoes. When will they catch on that the comic book crowd probably buys more reading material than your average Gringo? I'm waiting for an instruction set that shows me how to turn my old laptop screen into an 'e-reader'. But I'd jump on a sixty dollar Kindle. But till Amazon learns to live on 200% profits I guess I'm just screwed.
  • Yes now cut off another $160 and we can start talking. nt