Amazon launches AWS Marketplace as one-stop cloud shop

Amazon launches AWS Marketplace as one-stop cloud shop

Summary: Setting up a business for the cloud might not get much easier than Amazon's new, all-in-one AWS Marketplace.

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Amazon has taken themes from both its own online retail megastore and app stores, and then applied them to cloud customers with the introduction of the AWS Marketplace.

Essentially a one-stop shop for business customers looking to expand in the cloud quickly, customers can add pre-configured software and technical services to their shopping carts with the option of "one-click" deployment to the Amazon Web Services cloud space.

Terry Hanold, vice president of New Business Initiatives at Amazon Web Services boasted in prepared remarks that the AWS Marketplace makes it easier for customers interested in expanding their cloud services as they can find "a wide variety of AWS ecosystem providers’ solutions, in one place, where much of the work involved in building and deploying solutions on top of AWS has already been done for you by these solutions providers."

Some of the tools and apps that will be available come from a long list of familiar vendors, including 10gen, IBM, Microsoft and SAP. There will also be free solutions as well as offerings from open-source providers like WordPress and Drupal.

Amazon touts the billing process, in particular, as a win-win situation. The AWS Marketplace handles the billing logistics, relieving both vendors and software developers of this responsibility. Vendors do have some decisions to make here, such as specifying hourly and monthly charges.

From there, the charges are added to an Amazon Web Services customer's account alongside their other AWS services.


Topic: Amazon

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  • Amazon must have refocused its' business

    After watching my preferred Prime Elligible products become non-competetive (higher prices), or removed one by one from availability at all, I am convinced Amazon no longer courts individual buyers, so this "cloud thingy" is understandable. However, with my personal Amazon experience sagging so greatly in the last year, I would NEVER recommend any business yield them an iota of trust, because Bezos will change hats more quickly than they can imagine.
    This bears a similar vein to the article by Paul Greenberg about how United Airlines has also "joined the dogs" after the "Continental merger".... Nobody is in it "for the company" anymore, because just about every "executive" sets exactly the opposite example of kissing up to stckholders. (And, who can blame them, with their OWN compensation being tied to marget prices??? - ERROR #1 by every BOD)
    Bye Amazon
    Bye United Airlines
    Hello corner market!