Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early

Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early

Summary: Amazon is shipping its new Kindles early as Barnes & Noble readies new Nooks.


Amazon said Monday that it will ship the Kindle Fire today and the Kindle Touch and Touch 3G on Tuesday.

In other words, the Fire is a day early and the e-ink Kindles are six days ahead of schedule.

Amazon is looking to generate buzz amid a bevy of solid reviews from the tech world. Amazon's tablet will garner some complaints for being limited, but the integration of services is well done. Add it up and the Fire is a mashup of an entertainment device and a kiosk that bolsters Amazon's lifetime value of a customer equation.

As for the two Kindle Touch devices, they will sell well also. These devices are different animals than the Fire and geared more toward readers. Amazon has rolled out a series of enhancements to the Touch and is likely to do well. Barnes & Noble also has its Nook launches set.

With Amazon's pricing on the Touch and Touch 3G---$99 and $149---the devices are likely to be add-ons to Fire purchases.


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  • RE: Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early

    They must have read my note about recouping the subsidy by Christmas ;)
  • RE: Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early

    With recent integration Gaming, Music, Radio and Social Apps for KindleFire and a price which is lesser than the ipad and not to mention Amazon retail chain store integration, the KindleFire will beat teh iPad in sales definitely this holiday season.
    See more about gaming and social integration here.
  • RE: Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early
  • RE: Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early
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  • RE: Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early

    Amazon shipping those early... they must be concerned about the Nook Tablet and it's potential.
  • RE: Amazon to ship Kindle Fire, Touch, Touch 3G early

    The new nook app for Kindle is brilliant - you can get all the Android apps for free now! We got the nook app download instructions from through google.

    I love my new Kindle!