AMD details roadmap beyond Barcelona

AMD details roadmap beyond Barcelona

Summary: AMD executives are holding court at the company's Sunnyvale, CA headaquarters before an audience of press and analysts. Of late, AMD has been taking some belly punches as arch rival Intel has gained momentum.

TOPICS: Intel, Processors

AMD executives are holding court at the company's Sunnyvale, CA headaquarters before an audience of press and analysts. Of late, AMD has been taking some belly punches as arch rival Intel has gained momentum. Last quarter, AMD posted its third quarterly loss in a row, with a loss of $600 million, although revenue increased 13 percent from a year earlier. Shares of AMD have fallen as Intel's have risen. (See Tom Krazit's story on AMD vs. Intel.)

AMD's strategy has three vectors, according to Dirk Meyer, president and COO: energy efficient processing, ultimate visual experience and affordable Internet access.

The overriding message from AMD, as artciulated by Henri Richard, executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer, was that ultimately AMD will win versus Intel. Richard cited customer preference for AMD, more OEMs adopting AMD and employees as elements that will change AMD's fortunes. The marketeer claimed that the substantial growth AMD has had during his five years at AMD will be dwarfed by the growth in the next five years. He also pointed to AMD's recent endorsement by Gartner, more retail coverage and design wins with Dell and Toshiba as signs of strength. He took a jab at Intel, claiming that AMD allows OEMs freedom to create more distinctive products than they could working with Intel. AMD has no "monopoly tax," Richard said.

Following Richard, Randy Allen, corporate vice president of AMD's server and workstation division, described AMD's processor roadmap, which is where the rubber meets the road versus Intel. Barcelona, Shanghai and the third generation, Sandtiger processor for due in 2009. Barcelona, AMD's 65 nanometer quad-core chip will start shipping this quarter at 2.0 GHz, with faster version due in Q4. Some analysts have said the at 2.0 GHz AMD's performance will trail Intel's forthcoming quad-core, which will be based on 45 nanometer technology.


Shanghai will be AMD's 45-nanometer version of Barcelona and is due in the second half of 2008, and will include an increased cache size and improved core architecture.amd2.jpg AMD is developing a new core architecture due in 2009, which with include Hypertransport 3 and DirectConnect 2, which ups Hypertransport links on each chip from three to four and will include an AMD-designed server chipset, partnering with Broadcom and Nvidia. In addition, it will support DDR3 memory, the G3 memory extender, PCI 2.0 and IOMMU.


AMD also shed light on its new core for the next-generation AMD server processors. Bulldozer is the new core targeting clients and servers build from the ground up, according to AMD CTO Phil Hester. Bulldozer also is focused on increasing performance per watt throughput, continued scaling for single thread performance and partitioning for future scalability and modularity, he said.


AMD is developing Bobcat, a new core for mobile, ultra mobile and consumer electronics systems. Hester said that software has reached a tipping point in those kinds of devices, and there is a need for a more general purpose processor rather than embedded processors for the IPTV era. Bobcat is also expected in products in 2009, Hester added. bobcat.jpg

In addition, AMD is working on a 'fused' client, based on Bulldozer that has a tighter relationship with the GPU (graphics processing unit). "If you put together on silicon the CPU and GPU with a common memory interface, you can set a new standard in terms of efficiency," Hester said. fusion.jpg

Topics: Intel, Processors

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  • I don't know if that will be enough

    AMD will have to come up with something truly phenominal to take back their market share.

    Part of the problem is that Intel hasn't been tripping up like they were in the past when AMD got ahead in performance.
  • Barcelona 2.0 will trail lowend Intel 65nm quad core chips

    Barcelona 2.0 will trail lowend Intel 65nm quad core chips, never mind Intel's 45nm being released at the end of this year.

    Also, it seems that AMD is going to even delay Barcelona 2.0 GHz since they've dropped the launch date from August.
    • EU Complaint

      Hey George, any chance you'll be defending Intel in the EU courts.
      • No. But any chance you'll stick to the thread?

    • ZDNet's resident AMD antagonist appears...

      What a surprise! :^0
  • Key strategies appear to be floundering

    So far, AMD is missing the mark on ALL three of their objectives.

    (1) energy efficient processing : AMD is energy efficient when the CPU is doing NOTHING (idle). Did they mean 'energy efficient sleeping"?

    (2) ultimate visual experience: The ultimate visual experience is offered by Nvidia. AMD is after the high volume, bottom feeders.

    (3) affordable Internet access: Sorry but internet access is quite affordable ... and no thanks to AMD. Their influence on affordable internet access is the same influence intelligent thinking people have on George Bush - zero.
  • Oh dear, they're pushing HyperTransport to 2009?

    Oh dear, they're pushing HyperTransport to 2009? Yikes. Those rumors I heard about them dropping it from the late 2007 or early 2008 roadmaps are true.
    • HyperTransport 3

      I thought they have been pretty good at pushing the HyperTransport to market. Granted, version 3 may be a bit behind, but not as much as you are making this up to be.

      They still need to bump up their pace, but we shall see what happens.
    • What is wrong with HT?

      HT has higher bandwidth and lower latencies than other similar protocols.
  • Nothing new here

    Where's the beef?
  • AMDs only hope is to whine to the EC

    and hope they can get those idiots to go after Intel.
    • The expert speaks.

      Hey, No_Axe is a market specialist. Don't listen to Gartner, listen to him.

      Oh, and he's probably got some swamp land in Florida that he'll make you a good deal on.
      • I see nothing wrong with HyperTransport

        And I like AMD's architecture better than Intel -- not that I'm an AMD fanboy, though. I like good performance + low power consumption (when paired with an integrated graphics chipset).
        Grayson Peddie
    • Come on No AX I know you can do better

      You have to stop with these useless one liners and negative dialogue, it's old hat, tiring, useless rhetoric. I've seen you make some really great posts, insightful, negative criticisms but hey you backed them up with a solid point here and there. This kind of post isn't really helping anyone out as we need all these chip dippers as there aren't a lot so losing any would make the others slow down like too much spyware on a PC. Try and get back to making some of your better posts with a slicing tongue in cheek style that's backed up with a few lines of logic.
  • AMD details roadmap beyond Barcelona

    It sounds to me like there is some very interesting stuff coming from AMD. I look forward to the technology.

    And isn't it a real surprise that No_Ax and George Ou come to piss on AMD or anything positive about them.

    Both of you: mistletoe - shirt tail- I like them wet!!!!
    • Yeah. I've been keeping up with the latest tech from AMD.

      And scaling down to 1 watt? Seems pretty neat, with integrated graphics chip in an ATX motherboard since I plan to run a rackmount server 24x7.
      Grayson Peddie
  • Critical Guys

    You guys make it very unpleasant to read talkbacks with all your insulting vitriol regarding regarding something as unimportant as which company is better.

    I wish they had a moderator that would prevent all those type of posts.
    • Moderation...

      [b]I wish they had a moderator that would prevent all those type of posts. [/b]

      They do... There's a link below each post that allows you to report a post as being offensive or overly obnoxious.

      Truth is though, they gotta post something that's REALLY obnoxious to get the post toasted...
  • Don't ya just love it, progress makes things great

    God, everytime I hear the competition is doing this in Intel, Cyrix or Amd, I just feel like screaming go whichever, go as I see it promotes growth, rapid change, new ideas, better equipment and toys for all us boys and girls. When I remember pounding out command lines on my old MS DOS 88 mhz PC with the infamous green screen, it just makes me wonder in the awe of how much, how far and how amazing technology, development and progress has gone in the PC Industry. If you are an Intel fan, you want to support AMD and if you are an AMD fan, support Intel or Cyrix as I can tell you without one, the other would slow us all down like an PC with too much spyware.