AMD names Lenovo exec Rory Read CEO, eyes post PC plan

AMD names Lenovo exec Rory Read CEO, eyes post PC plan

Summary: Former Lenovo operating chief Rory Read will have to lead AMD to devices beyond the PC.


AMD on Thursday named Rory Read, who ran Lenovo's U.S. operations, as president and CEO.

Read, who is credited with helping Lenovo revamp its business and become a leading PC player, will be charged with bolstering AMD's growth prospects in mobile.

AMD chairman Bruce Claflin said in a statement:

He is ideally suited to accelerate AMD's evolution into the world's leading semiconductor design company. As President and COO of Lenovo he helped take the company into dynamic new markets while growing market share and expanding profitability. His sound strategic thinking and natural customer orientation will help amplify the voice of the customer inside AMD.

Read will be an easy fit into AMD given his knowledge of the PC industry. However, Read will have to take AMD in new directions. AMD, a distant No. 2 to Intel in the PC market, needs to figure out how it can be a tablet and mobile phone player. Read will also have to determine AMD's strategy regarding the ARM infrastructure.

Before Lenovo, Read was a longtime IBM executive. IBM sold its remaining stake in its PC business to Lenovo in 2005.

Thomas Seifert, interim CEO since January, will go back to being CFO.

Read said:

AMD is a true innovator and is uniquely positioned to lead the industry forward, delivering the next big thing both within the PC ecosystem and beyond.

Read leaves Lenovo in good standing. The company is firing on all cylinders as it targets emerging markets, rides a corporate PC upgrade cycle and defends its share in mature regions such as the U.S.


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    This is what I was hopeing for. Lenovo and AMD are a good fit. Let's hope it helps AMD push harder into the business sector, where the value proposition is becoming more and more important.

    AMD has said that RISC is the natural evolutionary goal for processors, and their recent stint at an ARM conference was no coincidence. They see CISC x86 going away, and lower-power RISC designs becoming commonplace. Eventually, the processor won't have separate GPU streaming cores and a smaller count of CISC cores. Instead, they see it as being a huge number of RISC-based cores that can be assigned to any processing task, whether it be graphics or central processing.

    Also, ARM needs a proper 64-bit platform, and who better to bring this to ARM than the company that pioneered the 64-bit platform that is already mainstream in x86 - AMD.

    It will take a few years to get this type of technology into the mainstream, but with cloud computing and Windows evolving into an ARM-compatible application platform, we'll see AMD get there eventually. The current Fusion APU's are just another step in this process.

    This is similar to what Intel attempted with Larrabee, but x86 CISC just doesn't fit with graphics.
    • RE: AMD names Lenovo exec Rory Read CEO, eyes post PC plan

      @Joe_Raby <br><br>If it is anything like your spelling it reeks of disaster. JUST KIDDING!
  • RE: AMD names Lenovo exec Rory Read CEO, eyes post PC plan

    I really hope he can pull off a miracle because we really need some renewed competition. Plus I have always liked AMD.

    OTH. Boy would I like that salary.