Analyst: Declines in Mac, iPod sales isn't so bad

Analyst: Declines in Mac, iPod sales isn't so bad

Summary: When is negative growth a positive thing? In this economy, any growth that stays in-line with Wall Street expectations can be viewed as a good thing - though it's still too early to call.


When is negative growth a positive thing? In this economy, any growth that stays in-line with Wall Street expectations can be viewed as a good thing - though it's still too early to call. And that's how one analyst is looking at Apple's current quarter.

In a note, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said today that a review of NPD data suggests that Apple is on-track to meet Wall Street's expectations for Mac and iPod sales - which are expected to be down about 6 percent and 14 percent, respectively, compared to the same quarter last year. Wall Street is expecting declines of 4 percent and 11 percent, respectively. In the note, Muster writes:

Note that y/y Mac performance will face a tough comparison in months of Feb and Mar due to the Feb-08 MacBook Air launch in the year-ago-quarter with no expected Mac launch in the month of Feb-09.

For Apple's first quarter, which includes the holiday shopping season, sales of Macs and iPhones were in-line with expectations but iPods were unexpectedly stronger.

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  • What about the 40% dropoff in iPhone sales?!

    Brutal, just brutal. iPhone is vibrant with 40% sales decline while WM is about to die any day now with 25% growth.

    Oh well, at least Apple has a plan. It is called [i]Take our $24 billion, give it to legal, and sue the makers of all touch devices.[/i] Yup, Apple has patented both multi-touch [b]and single touch[/b] (their patent covers all interactions with one finger [b]or more[/b]) and have already threatened to sue Palm out of existence. Vote for Apple and vote for reduced consumer choice!
    • It is not a decline in sales

      it must be that manufacturing can not keep up with the demand! :)

      No one passes up on an Apple product ;)
      • Beating the drum

        It seems that no matter what the ZDNet story is about good old NZ
        can spin it into a way to beat the drum making out Apple as the Great
        Satan of Technology.

        NZ seems to believe that if he/she keeps repeating this nonsense
        about Apple patenting multitouch and single touch people will believe
        it. One hopes ZDNet's readership is a little more sophisticated than
        that. A simple glance at the patent claims shows that the patent
        applies to software that interprets how the device is touched,
        determines whether the user intended the touch to denote a
        command to scroll the page, move the page, or expand/magnify the
        page, and then acts to execute the command. Not patenting touch
        itself, but how particular touches are interpreted by the device. Apple
        believes the way they implement this is valuable. Any discussion of
        how they will use and defend this patent is no more than speculation.

        Once again, NZ cares nothing for such details. NZ cares only for the
        opportunity to badmouth Apple. This reveals a lot more about
        NonZealot and his/her motives than it reveals about about Apple.
        • Or NZ is a well paid troll

          Which is my opinion. He strikes too often and isn't that bad a
          wordsmith. Why would he troll for free? I think he either
          works for ZDNet to get the eyeballs or is a "consultant" for
          an Apple competitor.
    • legal strategy

      Is that legal strategy similar to buddying up with people who give all their money to legal and sue little old ladies who've never even touched a computer, let alone steal music?

      If you want to go on tactics, the boys from redmond have a lot more blood on their hands than cuppertino.

      not that that excuses such an abuse of IP law as apple is threatening to perpetrate, but we all need to realize that apple isnt the only one who misuses IP law to decrease consumer choice.

      on a side note, strange sentiment from a guy like you, who would have every computer look the same on the monitor.
      • Give the guy a bit of a break

        the one thing I have noticed is that replace Apple with Microsoft in his replys, and it would sound just as though one of the usuall ABMer's wrote it.

        He doesn't give Apple the free pass many other ABMers feel compelled to do when Apple is is the wrong.

        And it seem sthey are in the wrong just as much as MS, so they have alot more blood on their hands thenm the ABM crowd wants to admit.
        John Zern
        • Indeed

          Capitalism is fun, no?

          I honestly dont think that microsoft or apple are wrong. If you go by the rules of the system for publicly traded companies, this is what they are supposed to do. The CEO's life hangs on the thread of quarterly profits, so anything and everything that will legally please the shareholders is game. And depending on which corp you work for, some illegal things are too.

          Microsoft and apple are both just following the rules. Of course, whenever there is a huge scandal, those stock prices go plummeting no matter how well the company is doing, but the stock market has a short memory.

          so do banks, I was reading a publication from my credit union the other day, and then a report from good old ZDnet, and they completely disagreed about whether home prices have fallen in the past. Does anyone remember the savings and loan crisis?
      • who would have every computer look the same on the monitor...

        Why do you imply NZ is a MS shill?

        On another thread today (AT&T confirms Dell smartphone) he is saying he hopes it runs Android.
        Hardly sounds like a MS shill if you ask me...
        • I also have a Linux server at home

          It handles my home network's IMAP, DNS, DHCP, Apache, and Samba services. It is fantastic and the only downtime it has ever suffered is from power outage and a loud video card fan that I eventually removed. I use what is best which includes Linux, MS, Logitech (100% of my peripherals are Logitech, not a single Microsoft mouse or keyboard in use), and would include Apple if they ever made anything that was "the best". They don't. Not my fault. :)
          • my bad

            So maybe you're not 100% microsoft, but that was my impression from every comment i've read thusfar.

            But 0% apple certainly would fit.

            I am quite certain that apple is the best at something. after all, to get away with those prices, they would have to be. In fact, they're the industry standard equipment for artists and broadcasting.

            Windows has the PC market, *nix has servers, apple has the creatives.

            I dont know what your metric for "best" is, though. Mine is security and stability, so really, microsoft doesnt make much that's "best" to me.
          • Uninformed consumers

            [i]after all, to get away with those prices[/i]

            Yup, it takes a lot of uninformed consumers to support a business model that relies on overcharging for all your products. Luckily for Apple, the pre-requisite exists. :)

            [i]I dont know what your metric for "best" is, though. Mine is security and stability[/i]

            Before the year 2000, both Windows and MacOS had terrible security and terrible stability although Windows was more stable than MacOS, primarily because it had mediocre support for pre-emptive multitasking (MacOS used cooperative multitasking which meant a single misbehaving application would freeze the entire OS).

            Since the year 2000, both companies abandoned their previous OS line and Apple moved to a BSD core and Microsoft moved their NT line into the consumer market and consumers everywhere won with the improved stability and security. XP rarely blue-screened for me and Vista never has. Stable indeed! Security wise, I've never been infected with any malware although I always ran XP with a restricted rights account and have always used some form of firewall / NAT router. For me, Windows has been 100% secure.

            I'm sure your experience with Apple is fantastic. Great for you! I personally couldn't stand to be so locked into the whims of a single manufacturer but I suppose once the Stockholm Syndrome sets in, it isn't hard to convince yourself that Apple cares for you. :)
      • Re: legal strategy

        [i]Is that legal strategy similar to buddying up with people who give all their money to legal and sue little old ladies who've never even touched a computer, let alone steal music?[/i]

        You're of course referring to the RIAA, of which Apple is their biggest partner via the iTunes store and the billions of DRM-encrusted songs they have foisting on the public in their scheme to lock people into their hardware refresh cycle?

        • I don't think Apple partners with the RIAA

          Apple made deals with the Music Industry to legally sell music online.
          Apple nor Steve Jobs were ever fans of DRM and has openly stated that in
          would not work. Still the recording industry insisted on certain safe
          guards and sine again they are the owners Apple had too go along with
          it. Remember Apple was a pioneer here and being the first child is
          always the more difficult. Once a parent is over the first child thing they
          are almost always more lax and relaxed with the next one and so forth
          and so on. That said I think the assumption that Apple is partnered with
          the RIAA is wrong headed.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
          • Apple is the RIAA's biggest partner

            That's just plainly obvious. You can't crow about iTunes being the number 1 music distributor without admitting their largest partnership is with the big four labels, the RIAA and the copyright mafia.

            That said, the OP's suggestion that MS is more in bed with big media than Apple is wrong headed.
          • I don't think contracts to sell music for the big four

            is the same as being in league with the RIAA. Its like if I sell HP printers
            in my tech shop that somehow I'm in league with all other divisions of HP
            and HP has a lot of divisions some that have nothing to do with PC's and
            printers. I"m not responsible for their PC's nor their other business. I
            only sell their printers and ink/supplies. If you bring a busted HP PC into
            my shop I say "Sorry I can't help you" Now the big 4 have created the
            RIAA or are the major sponsors of said but are they alone in this? Does
            the RIAA not go for other products like software and such? So its not just
            the big 4 right?

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
    • Prior Art

      Are they nuts? I was doing drag and drop on touch screens over 10 years ago. Do they think that the group working on Surface at Microsoft is going to roll over and die? Are they going to close all the ATMs in the world?
  • This is just bottom of 1st inning

    This long "Great Depression 2.0" game still has lots to unfold for all these retailers. Stay tuned.
    • Tru Dat.....

      But it can't be bad to be way ahead after the first inning and your line up
      looks healthy for the proceeding inning now can it? I mean the other
      team and or teams in the playoffs have already lost some players and
      their pitching staff looks a bit unhealthy.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • Uninformed consumers?

    I thought Apple users bought iPhones too. Are you telling
    me that only Windows users are buying iPhones, "Non"Zealot?

    Wow, if you are a 'non' zealot, what would a true Zealot look
    like? Or are you just a nonzealot because your ideas are
    totally indefensible?
  • What scares the likes of NonZ and others is....

    the thought that Apple customers might in fact be very well
    informed and have actually given others products
    consideration and found them lacking.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn