Analyst says Dell and Sun should pair up. Should I change jobs?

Analyst says Dell and Sun should pair up. Should I change jobs?

Summary: Perhaps Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconagh is a lone voice in the woods.

Perhaps Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconagh is a lone voice in the woods. But if he's not and other Wall St. analysts feel the way he does, perhaps it's time for me to change jobs to pull down the insane amount of money that those guys do. According to a report by's Stephen Shankland, Sacconagh is suggesting that a partnership between Dell and Sun Microsystems would help both companies with their server strategies. In a report he issued, Sacconagh wrote that Sun could gain an ally selling its Solaris version of the Unix operating system. Sacconagh also said "As radical and unlikely as it might sound, a partnership between Dell and Sun could be mutually beneficial."

As I read this, I suddenly realize that the idea of a Dell-Sun partnership sounded vaguely familiar. Then, I dug through ZDNet's archives and found a column I wrote back in June 2002 that said:

One reason I called Dell was that if Intel and Sun were able to overcome their impasse, perhaps Dell could become Sun's volume partner. After all, Dell's main enterprise competitors--HP and IBM--sell their own Unix flavors in addition to Linux. If a bunch of Solaris customers were considering a switch to the Intel platform, having Dell involved might give them even more comfort. And it would give Dell a serious Unix option.

Then, I concluded with:

Wow. Now wouldn't that stir things up a bit? Intel and Sun make that elusive phone call, patch things up, and let bygones be bygones--and Dell becomes a primary channel for Sun while picking up a version of Unix to compete against HP-UX and IBM AIX. Crazier things have happened.

Of course, the elusive phone call happened, but it wasn't with Intel. It was with AMD. Anyway, that was two years ago when I was the lone voice in the woods. Should I move to Wall Street? Does anybody know what they pay Wall Street analysts who go out on limbs?

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  • Silly stuff

    Why do analysts even try? Even more alarming, why even pay for their 'services' on any level? To me, you'd be better off hiring a mystic.
  • Nah...Apple & Sun ought to get together....

    I've always felt that 2 (originally BSD-based) Unix firms together makes a heckuva lot more sense than Dell & Sun. If Apple isn't going to be smart to port it's GUI & apps over to Linux and just steal the Linux desktop market (of course, Gates may have something to say to Jobs about that, like, no more Office for you, Stevie), then they ought to become the smaller, front end to Sun boxes. Sun clearly has never been in the desktop game. Why not match up a great desktop appliance with a Sun boxes in the back? seems to make more sense to me than Dell & Sun
  • Same people that hyped WorldCom?

    Aren?t these the same Wall Street analysts that told us how great WorldCom was while getting kickbacks?