Android app downloads on track to surpass iPhone by 2016

Android app downloads on track to surpass iPhone by 2016

Summary: Apple's iPad has seen more than 3 billion downloads, while Android tablets only have had approximately 440 million by comparison.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

Although analysts argued that the Kindle Fire did in fact nibble away at some of the iPad's sales during the 2011 holiday season, Apple's tablet is still being praised for other achievements this week.

Notably, the iPad has surpassed more than 3 billion downloads since it first debuted in 2010, according to ABI Research’s Mobile Applications Market Data report.

By comparison, Android tablets only seen approximately 440 million downloads overall.

That could be attributed to a number of reasons, some of which ABI Research covers, including the fact that there are more than 120,000 apps designed for the iPad alone.

Additionally, the fragmentation on Google's mobile OS isn't helping it at the moment. With many different tablets and smartphones running on various strains of Android -- not all of which are supported on older devices -- that holds the operating system back overall. At the same time, Apple only has two tablets (the iPad 1 and iPad 2), and both support the most current operating system, iOS 5, as well as all three iPhones still on the market. (Albeit, iOS 5 is reportedly not that great on some first-generation iPads.)

That definitely gives Apple some breathing space -- but the iOS maker can't relax for too long. The ABI report also posits that annual Android app downloads for smartphones are expected to hit 58 billion by 2016, more than double the expected 27 billion for Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone has also been slower than the iPad when tracked by app download statistics. For example, the iOS-based smartphone took roughly two years to achieve the number of downloads that the iPad did in a year and a half.

Yet, it can also be argued that the iPhone paved the way for the iPad -- and perhaps even smartphones in general since it debuted in 2007. Nevertheless, that argument won't hold up for long if Android smartphone downloads increase at ABI's predicted rate over Apple's mobile operating system.


Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Android app downloads on track to surpass iPhone by 2016

    Yea but who started the trend and the app store??! and who's going to be making more money?? In the end that's what matters, Apple will be innovating while Google focuses on trying to control the world... Ah enjoy your froyo you can't have ice cream LOL
  • RE: Android app downloads on track to surpass iPhone by 2016

    I do thank apple for the ipad, which gave the industry a big kick. Unfortunately I do not buy apple products (not that they aren't nice and all), but thanks to the invention of the iPad, I have an android tablet which i love greatly. Don't tell me the ipad is better, but tablets do rule.
  • RE: Android app downloads on track to surpass iPhone by 2016

    Mmmm! A prediction for 2016. Most of these research firms/analysts can not correctly predict what is going to happen in 6 months, let alone 4 years.
    Allow me to be skeptical.
  • Apple's business model is to use apps to drve hardware sales.

    And yet, tech pundits continue to want to assign Microsoft's business model to Apple and make their prognostications based on that.
  • Show me the money!

    iOS developers make way more money than Android developers. Downloads don't mean squat if you can't make any money.
  • RE: Android app downloads on track to surpass iPhone by 2016

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