Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

Summary: Android continues its domination of the smartphone market on the international level.


Mobile devices continue to sell in the hundreds of millions by the quarter worldwide, but smartphone sales are growing the fastest.

According to a new report from Gartner, approximately 428.7 million units of mobile devices were sold to end users worldwide at the end of Q2 2011, which is a 16.5 percent increase from a year ago.

But smartphone sales to end users were up 74 percent accounted for 25 percent of overall sales in the second quarter of 2011, a 17 percent increase from the same time in 2010.

Google is the current champion with nearly half of the smartphone market share running on Android-based devices. Although Symbian is holding on to the second spot, it has lost nearly half of its market share from 2010.

Apple's iOS was the only other platform that saw an increase in sales since 2010, although it hasn't climbed that much -- mainly because it only has two handsets currently on sale (the iPhone 4 and 3GS), and it hasn't produced a new model in over a year. RIM, Microsoft and "others" all offered significant losses in the market share.

As for overall mobile phone vendors (thus both smartphones and feature phones), Nokia continues to lead with 22.8 percent of the market share, but that is down from 30.3 percent last year. Samsung saw a slight dip but held on for the silver medal spot, while LG also dropped but managed to get third.

Apple, ZTE, HTC and Huawei were the only vendors on the list that saw increases in their mobile phone market shares. RIM and Motorola stayed roughly the same as last year, while Sony Ericsson dropped by almost half from three percent to 1.7 percent.

In two recent surveys from the IDC and Strategy Analytics, Apple was found to be the top smartphone vendor worldwide. However, the difference is that in those surveys, the market share was broken up by manufacturers (i.e. Samsung, HTC, etc.). In this study, those Android handset makers are joined together to snag a larger piece of the pie.


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  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    Yep, and this is why Apple is trying to avoid facing Android in the Tablet wara because they know they will ultimately lose there as well.
    • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

      @Peter Perry
      Thank Apple for creating the smartphone and tablet market... no wonder they are the most valuable company in the planet.
      • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide


        Oh really? On the whole planet? Or perhaps just in North America (almost)?

        Wouldn't the pertinent question be: "for how long"?

        Anyway, isn't the so called race just starting?

        It appears to me at least this is more of a marathon type of race, rather than a mere 100 meter sprint...

        Since others mention RIP, hopefully not to your bubble inflated stocks just before they go pop...

        One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.
        ~ William Feather

        Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.
        ~ Warren Buffett[/i]
    • Define lose? Apple's sales are still growing

      @Peter Perry and as a HUGE bonus Apple is actually making money unlike many Android OEM's. Real money not razor thin margins because of the inevitable repeat of the PC price wars that Android is going through and will be going through for the next 10 years if it lasts that long after all the IP lawsuits and all. RIP many an Android Phone OEM to die so young and so very poor is sad really....

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

        @James Quinn eventually people will stop paying tax to Apple when they will see that the same things they can do with Android phones
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    I thought the BB curve was the #1 selling phone in the world! who are we to believe and what report?
    read one and then 10 others and they each say different!
    it's crazy this smartphone race as we call it....but....
    let's be real and just give the stats over who really sells the most!
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    On the surface of it Google pretends to be the modern Robin Hood that is stealing intellectual property from companies in economically and technologically rich west and giving it to companies in economically poorer Asian countries. It has already wracked companies like Nokia, RIM, Palm and Sun and propped up Samsung, HTC, Huawei and ZTE. ?In this way it appeals to the world socialist fanatics as an entity that is redistributing wealth to poor. ?Truth is that Google that has no experience and expertise in operating system knows that the only way it can increase its advertising revenues is by having a dominant operating system of its own. Since it did not have the capabilities to build, it stole the technology from other companies and handed it over free to handset vendors. And in this way it thought it will be protected against litigation while it cashes big advertising bucks.

    Besides this farce the other lie being propagated is that Andriod is an open source movement, intended to empower the powerless individual developers, while the sad reality is that it has killed the mobile open source movements like linux and java, by stealing their code and credit, underming their rules and thus destroying their ecosystem.

    Recent antitrust cases Google have exposed Googles true character, it is being charged with, stealing personal data of its users and selling it to advertising companies, manipulating search results to favor clients that pay it, while misleading public about being neutral.
    • So true.. Google is Freak'n GRIMEY! nt.

      @koul@... they have gotten ahead by stealing, lying and being incredibly deceptive.. and some fools fall for it hook line and sinker...
    • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide


      It's true because you said it is, actual facts not necessary, as you are a well known trusted industry expert who has been predicting these issues correctly for many years.

      Oh wait...
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    Not sure if know how math works, but RIM and Bada both increased sales over Q2 2010
    • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

      In fact Bada (never heard of them) roughly increased their sales by 400% and RIM by 9%... Why isnt this consider to be a good thing? Also, comparing Android to all of the others isnt exactly a fair comparison, as Android isnt a smartphone manufacturer.
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    Microsoft below Bada?

    Who is Bada?
    • Bada is Samsung's phone OS

      @wkulecz ]
      that they run on all their low end (free) feature phones and low end (free) smartphones that can't handle the larger OS's like WP7 or Android.
      William Farrell
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    Mark my works, android won't survive till 2015..
    • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

      @owlnet Yeah right, the only lawsuit it has against it is from Oracle, if Apple really believed they had something on Android they would have gone straight after Google but instead they are attacking Weaker Partners. Of course they go in with 20 Patent claims and 18 are thown out!<br><br>The two remaining, 1 is legit but can be worked around while the other will be invalidated.
      • Time will tell.....

        @Peter Perry Just saying the Fat Lady has yet to sing on this one POPCORN:)

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    What is BACA???? Feel sorry for MS, remember their iPhone funeral LOL
    • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

      @Hasam1991 I blame MS marketing for this. The OS is really nice, just that not many people outside technology world are even aware of this. Go to a store and the sales person won't even bother to recommend a windows phone. That's what is hurting the sales.
  • Samsungs' bada is rapidly gaining market share there

    It's only just been released. On youtube, it looks _real_ fast. (it's a RTOS as well, which is interesting).
    I think it's going to do very well indeed.
  • RE: Android leads as smartphone sales jump worldwide

    Even with Symbian losing half of its market it is still holding up well and ahead of iOS. I for one have a phone with Symbian and it works just fine. It could die but my guess is that it's going to be a slow painless dead.