Android stomps Nokia's X7 at AT&T

Android stomps Nokia's X7 at AT&T

Summary: Nokia will pull its X7 smartphone launch at AT&T on concerns that it wouldn't get enough subsidy and marketing help to be a success.


Nokia will pull its X7 smartphone launch at AT&T on concerns that it wouldn't get enough subsidy and marketing help to be a success.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nokia was going to debut the X7 at the Mobile World Congress show next month. For Nokia, the X7 was going to be Nokia's entry into the U.S. market. As you know, Nokia is a massive phone maker that dominates most region of the globe, but is a no-show in the U.S.

The Journal story highlights the moving parts between Nokia and AT&T, but here's the kicker:

Nokia decided to pull the phone because it believed the X7 wasn't going to receive enough marketing and subsidies support from AT&T, said one person close to the company. Nokia still plans to launch the X7 in other markets, this person said.

The upshot to all of this is that AT&T is Android's new best friend. HTC, Motorola and Samsung all plan strong Android devices for AT&T's network. AT&T wasn't about to take a chance on Nokia being a hit in the U.S. when it has Android as its primary diversification tool. AT&T has lost the exclusive on the iPhone to Verizon. Now the marketing war will kick off and AT&T is betting Android can help its chances.

Add it up and Android crowded Nokia off the AT&T shelves before the X7 even hatched. You can get the N8 from Nokia unsubsidized, but that's a non-starter in the U.S. market. Nokia had no chance with AT&T since it is planning its own Android assault. Can Nokia CEO Stephen Elop solve for Android?


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  • I sort of feel bad for the Finns, though its of their own making.

    Nokia is kind of a sad company to read about these days. They remind of Apple prior to Jobs returning or IBM, before Lou Gerstner came in to turn the company around in the '90's.

    Nokia definitely has a deer-in-the-headlights look about them, and the oncoming tanker truck was the change in mobile computing sometime around 2007-2008 with iOS and Android. They probably thought they could ride the T9 button slider phone bandwagon, a la the N95, for a few years more.
    • Yep, kind of like Microsoft right now. Nokia still has a ton of revenue,

      but, they DO look like a dear caught in the headlights.
  • Message has been deleted.

    ofis koltuklari
  • One sure way to loose is to not play. -nt-

    no text
  • E7 a better option

    They need a sexy phone that can demand the high price they want for it and with some unique features that make it stand out. E7 is the only one of the current crop that IMHO suites that 'thunderbirds' style top and bottom they have there.

    Do they want ideas? Because if they had a couple of killer ideas bundled in their handset that aren't in others, then they have their killer advantage.
  • Better now...

    ...then getting you butt kicked in the market place.
  • RE: Android stomps Nokia's X7 at AT&T

    Too bad for the US market - less diversity and competition. I would have liked to see one of these. Hopefully for them it's nothing like Sony's Symbian or Android offerings - cool on paper but a wreck in your hand.
    Schoolboy Bob
  • Nokia

    It is difficult to appreciate any professionalism from you when you write about Nokia: " but is a no-show in the U.S" Nokia still is the #1 Cell phone company in the world. And the number of Nokia units currently in use inside of the U.S. is in the tens of millions. Your writing indicates that you do not understand the markets and that you do not do your research.
  • Nokia was always good to me

    I always had good phones from Nokia I wish them the best, I was wondering where a Nokia smart phone was and now I know nowhere yet.
  • Here's how Nokia gets back on top!

    Release a Vanilla unlocked and rooted Android phone.
  • Nokia's MeeGo has promise, if it could ever get done

    Nokia is betting on MeeGo but the development for the OS is really slow. They have it designed to work with phones, netbooks, connected tvs, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

    The development is slow, but I think that is because they are working on the infrastructure for the different systems first.
  • Scary thought

    The idea that the Google spyphone continues to propagate at the expense of true phone makers like Nokia is ominous. At least Nokia does not have a business model that is based on accumulating maximum data on their users. The geeks who support Adroid will only wake up when there is a massive leak of their private information.
  • Nokia is a world company, not US

    The world does not begin and end in the United States. Believe it or not, there is a big wide world out there beyond the shores of Los Angeles and New York. Nokia sells millions if not billions of phones round the world. Just because they don't sell in the US is irrelevant. You are still just one small bit of the world. My first mobile phone was a Motorola, worked ok, but basically a bit of junk. Every phone since has been a Nokia and never had a moment's trouble with them. Works everywhere I go, except probably the US, as the rest of the world is nearly all standardised on GSM. I can go almost anywhere, turn my phone on and it works. We were able to do more stuff with our mobiles long before Americans could. Interesting isn't it. Parochalism no longer works if you want cutting edge technology.
    • RE: Android stomps Nokia's X7 at AT&T

      Well, yeah, they make most of their money selling those monochrome beep-beep dumbphones to emerging markets.
      • Not really!

        @Theseus That is a typical myopic view that will not get us anywhere, Nokia was and very much is the market leader in MOBILE PHONES for a reason, the so called monochrome beep beep are the ones that are enabling the so called telecom revolution in the larger World. The subscriber based of metro cities in India alone is more than the US subscriber base, and not everyone needs a droid. You would do well to realize Nokia makes some of the best feature phones in budget (Eg. 2790, check the features and the price, you might even want to have one of these dumb phones after all!)
  • Sad to see the state of US market

    Contrary to popular belief in US, Nokia is still the market leader in smartphones if you take the World as a benchmark, its sad that the People of US do not get high end Nokia because the your carriers dont want you to have them! Try N900 you will be amazed at what this phone could do way back when iOS and Andriod were not even in the market...