Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

Summary: The hacker group known as Anonymous has struck again, and this time the target is the official website of Spain's national police force.


The hacker group known as Anonymous has struck again, and this time the target is the official website of Spain's national police force.

According to the BBC, was down for at least an hour on June 12th.

Spanish authorities would not confirm that Anonymous was behind the attack, saying only that the site was offline.

However, a statement was posted on a website linked to Anonymous, claimed responsibility for the hack, which it called #OpPolicia.

The group said it had used a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) which bombards a target website with so much data that it becomes overwhelmed.

This latest attack directly follows last week's arrest of three people in Spain believed to be Anonymous' local leadership. The trio was arrested for their supposed involvement in the security breach of Sony's PlayStation Network this spring, but apparently they've been on the radar for months for hacking several other government and financial websites in multiple countries.

Spain wasn't alone in arresting Anonymous members. Turkish police detained 32 people suspected to be members of the online group. Reasons for the arrests in Turkey depend on which side you listen to. According to Reuters, Turkish authorities argued that the group was suspected of planned attacks on several websites, while Anonymous members claim that their actions were in protest to "government censorship of the Internet."

Anonymous also garnered attention worldwide for its involvement in the first major hack attack on the PlayStation Network in early April. The group subsequently denied that it had any hand in the attack that brought down PSN worldwide for several weeks starting in late April.

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  • RE: Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

    Okay, Anon, the Interwebz grow tired of your shenaniganz. Crawl in a hole and die, please.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

    So sick of all these hacks... get a life and do something to make the world a better place!
    • Apparently you don't get it.

      @Hasam1991 That is what they are trying to do. Make the world a better place. Hold governments and corporations responsible for their choices. The problem is that Anonymous has stopped screwing around with just LOIC. They are beginning to become a serious threat. LOIC is usually their first act of activism. The next act is where things really get interesting. When countries become enemies of Anonymous, especially smaller countries such as Spain and Turkey, we should fear for their safety. Anonymous didn't take Iran lightly, and there is still activity going on there. That and their local leadership is probably nothing more than some newbs that didn't know better or some older pros that got sloppy. If this happens to be the latter, I reinforce my fear for both of these governments.
      • Really...

        So, let me get this straight:
        -- Someone publishes hacks of Sony's PS3
        -- Sony sues the publishers because it affects their retail property
        -- Anonymous decides to show their solidarity, not by protesting stores that sell PS3s or Sony office buildings (like they've done here with the Scientologists), but by committing a cybercrime & hacking Sony's PSN, *which led to the personal information of users of PSN being released* (i.e. *not* personal information of Sony executives that were responsible for the lawsuit, but the information of *innocent* users)
        -- as part of investing the *criminal* release of private information of *innocent victims*, plus the investigation into *other crimes* (i.e. hacking of government & financial sites), the Spanish national police arrested some suspected members/leaders of Anonymous

        So now Anonymous is going to retaliate for the investigation of their *criminal* activities. Wow, that really shows how focused they are on protecting the average consumer, doesn't it?
  • RE: Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

    I would stop messing with Anon's members if I were the police force for any country. They are messing with one nasty and capable hornet's nest. Arrest 30, but get attacked by a thousand... Not worth it in my book. And they can't prove Anon did any of the Sony attacks anyway, which I still don't think was them judging on their past. It's just not their style.
    • RE: Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

      @Bates_ Two different attacks. Anon executed a DDoS attack on Sony. During the confusion, another entity stole the account info.
  • RE: Anonymous hackers target Spanish police website

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