Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

Summary: Apple sees its devices controlling and Apple TV and executing content handoffs between its various products.

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware, Mobility

Apple has reportedly briefed media giants about its TV plans, which revolve around voice technology, wireless streaming and handing off content from the TV to the iPad, iPhone and Mac.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is briefing media executives on its plans. Apple has been expected to enter the TV market for years, but Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs quoted the Apple chief saying he finally cracked the code on TV.

Note that Apple isn't revealing detailed plans and still plays the TV plans close to the vest. However, the talks indicate that an Apple TV is likely to becoming sooner than later.

Among the key points described in the Journal report:

  • Apple wants to stream media content and hand off to various devices.
  • The Apple TV would be controlled by other Apple devices.
  • A version of AirPlay would be the linchpin to this effort.


Topics: Apple, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Cupertino, start your copiers!

    Sigh. Apple copying MS again? How very predictable. :-(
    P. Douglas
    • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

      @P. Douglas
      Apple forgot that talking to media execs was patented by MS. They can expect a lawsuit soon similar to B&N.
    • You have to give Apple credit for their business smarts

      @P. Douglas
      Step 1. Watch where the market will go.
      Step 2. Let others like MS do all the hard work.
      Step 3. Buy an innovative company like Siri.
      Step 4. Pay the blogosphere to write blogs about how Apple invented the market.
      Step 5. Collect billions in profit.

      No one can argue with success.
      • Ah, yes: your typical

        attribute it entirelly on Microsoft's "20 year old monopoly".

        You do a reasonable facsimile of an old memory tape stuck in a playback loop.
        Tim Cook
  • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

    I'm with AKH on this. I see no point to an Apple TV.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

    Another overpriced hardware device with planned obsolescence designed to lock, as usual, users into the ecosystem.<br>Why in the world would someone buy a TV that embeds a computing device that will be obsolete in, let's be conservative, 3 years?
    • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans


      What makes you think that it will be embedded in the TV?
    • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

      These are just rumor. It's most likely will announce a product following these rumors just to try to beat Apple to the market only to not launch it when they realize Apple's product is much better (remember the Slate, Courier).
    • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

      @TheCyberKnight - while I don't think it's likely, it has already been done by Sony with Google TV.
      The Danger is Microsoft
  • RE: Apple briefs media execs on TV plans

    I'll be in line to get one. Unlike others, Apple will do it right. A Siri like interface will be very cool.
    • Odd. Microsoft has done it right

      yet Siri is plagued with issues.

      I do not see how Apple's approach is "doing it right".
      Tim Cook
      • You don't understand the power of the Apple logo,

        which, no matter what the product that carries it, it will sell like hotcakes. If Apple put their logo on a black and white TV from the 60s, and labeled it "iBTTF-TV" (back to the future TV), the Apple faithful would stand in line, or sit in line, or camp outside of stores for weeks, just to be the first to get their hands on one.