Apple fallout continues: Paris expo cancelled

Apple fallout continues: Paris expo cancelled

Summary: Apple Expo Paris 2009 has been cancelled, according to

TOPICS: CXO, Apple, IT Employment

Apple Expo Paris 2009 has been cancelled, according to

The news comes one day after Apple announced that 2009 would be its last year at Macworld San Francisco and that Steve Jobs would not take the stage to deliver the keynote. Still, it's not like the cancellation of the Paris expo is directly related to Apple's announcement about the San Francisco show. The company said in June that it would not participate in the 2008 show in Paris, which was held in September. And in February, it pulled out of the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.

Consistently, the reasoning has been the same: Apple says there are better ways other than trade shows to reach their customers.

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Topics: CXO, Apple, IT Employment

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  • Apple has innovated yet again

    [i]Apple says there are better ways other than trade shows to reach their customers.[/i]

    Yes, Apple has innovated the use of brick-n-mortar stores and the website. [url=] I couldn't make this up if I tried. [/url]

    [i]The increasing popularity of Apple?s Retail Stores, which more than 3.5 million people visit every week, and the website enable Apple to directly reach more than a hundred million customers around the world [b]in innovative new ways[/b].[/i]

    If Apple weren't so serious about claiming that everything they do is innovative then this would actually be funnier. :(
    • Actually, I think it does make it funnier <nt>

    • Browse their Patent Applications

      • Why? Spamming the USPTO is all the vogue.

        Patent applications don't prove jack. Apple trolls its employees for anything remotely patentable and pummels the PTO with applications.

        The patent office is hopelessly inept at best. They're handing out illegal patents left and right, on such things as algorithms, "business methods", and naturally occurring structures.

        You want to know what's killing U.S. competitiveness and innovation? Patent abuse.
    • History lesson

      EVERYONE said the Brick & Mortar branded computer stores were a guaranteed failure and hastened to cite Gateway.

      When you make something work that all the "experts" have said was a guaranteed failure, I'd call that innovative.
      • True

        I would agree. People said that the Apple stores would fail, yet they have done the complete opposite. So much for being an expert...
      • So successfuly launching wood and sheetrock stores

        means everything they do is innovative? Even if it's something everyone else has been doing for years?

        • Making something work

          where everyone expects failure and so many have failed before means they are probably doing something differently. Most people call that innovation (although it is not always appropriate; it's called marketing and is sometimes difficult to tell from lieing!).
  • Are trade shows dead?

    Or is it the high costs of attending
    one in horrid economic times the
    cause. I'm sure that IDG made a
    lot of money in the past, but
    maybe they were charging too
    much and not keeping their
    customers happy.

    As for brick & mortar innovations,
    it's what happens inside the store
    as well as the support that make it

    Apple scores a hit in that
    Department, especially when
    compared to the retailing efforts
    of others, like Dell or Gateway.
    • They are dead for me...

      Speechs and keynotes are always available on line, so are product specs, and if not the press will write abotu it.

      I see no reason to hit the trade shows anymore.
      • Agreed......

        For one of the very rare times, I have to agree with you.

        There is no longer any reason to attend them. And the costs far outweigh any benefits.
        linux for me
      • 9-11 *really* hurt all tradeshows...

        I've work in the tradeshow industry for 9 years. Many people attend tradeshows for the interpersonal networking that takes place. Sometimes to hear a keynote, but mostly to interact with other people of similar interests.
        After 9-11 happened, I watched hundreds of shows cancel. Since that first year, many, many more tradeshows have gone away or merged with associated tradeshows due to lack of attendance and sponsorship due in part to fear generated by terrorists. People notice the extra security and tend to stay away.
        Today, even though the fear of terrorism is greatly reduced, tradeshows are still struggly to survive. I know that there is very little enthusiasm where I currently work to attend *any* of the tradeshows.
        • Uh, no.

          "due in part to fear generated by terrorists. People notice the extra security and tend to stay away."

          WHAT? That is utterly ridiculous. Seriously. If this had a shred of truth, people wouldn't be FLYING. Nobody gives a rat's ass about trade shows.

          The fact is that the Internet killed trade shows, as a far more complete and efficient source of information.
  • Apple gets plenty of press

    Apple get's plenty of good press with new products. But I am sure Apple has notice the disappointment from some when their is no press stopping product introduced at each of these events. I actually have though these shows were overdone in the media especially Macworld.
  • RE: Apple fallout continues: Paris expo cancelled

    Smart move, or will investors retreat? Vote here
  • RE: Apple fallout continues: Paris expo cancelled

    Apple sucks balls lately. Every time you have to deal with
    them, they get things wrong and screw things up. It is
    almost laughable it has now become the expectation.
    Simple repairs take 2 weeks to complete. Customer
    relations agents, instead of making reparations and
    rebuilding trust, just dig in their heels and refuse to
    compensate customers for the broken promises and
    missed deadlines of their other divisions. It's sad. In a
    down economy, I spent $20,000 with Apple in 2008. I will
    do my damndest to spend absolutely zero in 2009 and
    beyond. THAT is why they are failing. Turns out that all
    they are good at is designing gadgets. Once people start
    using the goddamned things and expecting them to work,
    Apple's ship of fools sinks like a stone beneath the weight
    of inefficiency and incompetence.
  • Innovative? (lol)

    The only thing that Apple has been innovative with is its image. It is a phoenix rising from the ashes. Everytime Apple feels a pinch or a push from someone outside, it recreates itself. It tried to go against IBM in the eighties...failed to grab market share. Came back to try again with the iMac...failed again to gain market share. Then the iPod comes out after a slue of MFGs released far superior mp3 players. They struck GOLD...why...Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. They got the kids to want what the stars had. They did innovate the mp3 player...they marketed it correctly. Yeah...I know..what about iTunes? What about it. Its a web store...whoop-de-do. The fact is Apple is innovative only to its image, not its products.
    • this again?

      sigh, really?

      Did you use an MP3 player from 2000? ever tried to get
      an Archos player to get to the right song, or find out
      what your listening to? or the battery life of the
      creative players, or try to load the suckers up with
      music?They were terrible, horrid machines that were
      all but unusable.

      What apple does is SOFTWARE, interface, spending the
      R&D time to make something complicated seem simple.
      Making something SIMPLE is hallmark of good design, of

      There were superior MP3 players? no there were/are
      players with more FEATURES, radio, audio notes, etc,
      things that added perceived value to these items but
      when you cant get any of it to work, basically amounts
      to just a bunch of bullet points on the box.

      If you think itunes is just " a web store...whoop-de-
      do" then this explanation will be wasted on you, you
      obviously don't get why whichever computer/phone/mpp3
      player has the longer feature list != the superior

      From your viewpoint, usb was just another I/O, the mac
      was just another computer, a Porsche is just another
      compact car, mcdonalds is better than a highend steak
      house because food is food, and hey mcdonalds is
  • So how will this affect the hype machine?

    Usually, by this time of year, we start hearing tons of rumors (iPhone Nano) about what's gonna be announced come January... Then Steve-o does his bit at MacWorld and announces the new gizmos due out in the coming months.

    So when the gizmo's released sometime later, the media and the Apple Faithful have been whooped properly into a frenzy, they've had time to save their duckets, they've had time to make arrangments so they can camp out overnight and stand in line on launch day.

    Without Apple showing up at MacWorld, then how ever are they gonna get everyone worked up in a proper lather?

    Somehow... It just ain't gonna be the same...
    • They'll leave it to the bloggers and pundits!

      [i]"Without Apple showing up at MacWorld, then how ever are they gonna get everyone worked up in a proper lather?"[/i]

      They'll invite a illuminated few to Meccatino and let them create the frenzy.