Apple, Lenovo buck anemic PC sales trend

Apple, Lenovo buck anemic PC sales trend

Summary: HP remains the top PC vendor in the world, but the strong growth rates belong to Lenovo globally and Apple in the U.S.


Global PC sales sputtered in the second quarter as 85.2 million units were shipped, up just 2.3 percent, according to Gartner. IDC data put shipments growth at 2.6 percent.

Tablets are stealing the demand thunder from PCs and retailers were paring back netbook inventory, according to Gartner and IDC. Corporate sales remained strong. HP is the top PC vendor in the world with 17.5 percent market share, said Gartner in a statement. IDC puts HP at 18.1 percent market share in the second quarter.

While HP is the top dog in PCs it is growing in line with the industry overall. Dell has a similar story.

However, the strong growth rates belong to two companies---Lenovo and Apple.

Lenovo, which is riding a corporate upgrade cycle, had second quarter global market share of 12 percent, just behind Dell at No. 2. Lenovo shipments grew 22.5 percent from a year ago as the company gained two percentage points of market share, based on Gartner figures.

Acer's market share collapsed as demand for netbooks waned. Acer's market share fell to 10.9 percent in the second quarter, down from 14 percent a year ago.

As Lenovo shines in Gartner's worldwide standings, Apple's growth is dominating the U.S. Apple is the No. 3 PC vendor in the U.S. with 10.7 percent market share in the second quarter, up from 9.3 percent a year ago. Dell was No. 2 with 22.6 percent market share and HP had the top spot with 26.9 percent.

Both IDC and Gartner attributed the anemic PC sales to falling netbook demand and the popularity of tablets.

Here's Gartner's global scorecard followed by IDC's:

And the U.S. figures from Gartner followed by IDC's:

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  • Now just the othe day...

    That other steve (B) was commenting about Apple's performance. Another gem;-)
    Richard Flude
  • If you count iPads as PCs, then Apple moves

    to the number one slot in the U.S.
    • Is that true?

      Wow, that's impressive! What are the US iPad 2011Q2 sales figures? I've seen worldwide estimates but I haven't seen it broken down by country.
      • RE: Apple, Lenovo buck anemic PC sales trend

        @toddybottom Me neither, very impressive stuff <a href="">Hire a Car</a>
    • For now, it would be still number two, just couple of million behind HP

      @fr_gough: however, if iPad sales would grow bigger than 10 million per quarter, then Apple will become number one indeed.
    • Then you have to allow Acer, HP, ect to add tablet figures

      to their sales figures, right?
      William Pharaoh
      • Fair is fair after all.....

        @William Pharaoh Though at present time and I do mean present only not predicting the future mind you it would hardly matter.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • RE: Apple, Lenovo buck anemic PC sales trend

    iPad is a sub notebook and is becoming more a replacement since it won't need to sync to hardware in the future. Apples overall marketshare will jump to over 20% shortly.
  • Guys....

    While in some ways I do enjoy playing the Market Share game let's all keep in mind what is truly important here and that is PROFIT! I don't want to get into an argument as to weather an iPad should be counted as a PC and what effect that would have on Apples Market Share. Heck iPhones and the iTouch are computers as well:). No Apple back in tha day proved that yes market share has it's place and should be counted it is not the end all and be all factor. I personally don't want to see Apple loose sight of the more important number and that is profitability. Hang market share and keep making a good solid profit margin on everything you sell and support:)

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • SALES... PC owners are just happy with what they have - why &quot;upgrade?&quot;

    Apple constantly brainwashes their cult to continuously buy more hardware. I'm much happier knowing that my 5-year-old self-assembled AMD PC still runs flawlessly (on the same Vista x64 load -- that probably irritates Microsoft), runs all of my VMware dev machines, and can still play most of the mainstream video games.

    The generic PC owner can continually upgrade their system to perform at the same or higher level of any pre-fab name-brand system. I've swapped video cards 5 times, hard drives 2 times -- now running SSD, and CPUs twice. Same MSI motherboard though.

    People like me must seriously irritate unit-sales companies like Lenovo and Apple. Component manufacturers have empowered me to be in control of my computing experience, while the "other guys" want to be in control to force "upgrades" on people who don't know any better.
    • I've built hundreds of PC's

      @Bit-Smacker Been in the computer repair/support business for 30 years now. When I go hone the LAST thing I want is to take my work home with me:P. So I use Apple products. Am I brainwashed? No for I know of what I speak and I have decades of experience. I could build my own and upgrade it as I feel the need/desire but that I judge to be a bother and waist of my valuable time. Instead I purchase a computer system with enough power to provide good performance for a solid 3 to 4 years. When that time has expired I re sell my old system for a good price and spend very little extra cash on a new system that will last me another 3 to 4 years:). Much better use of my personal time at least that is my judgement.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • I feel the same way,

        @James Quinn
        because the last thing I want to do is take work home and which is why I use use Mcrosofton Dell products

        Not sure what you're getting at, as I have decades of expierence, myself.
        William Pharaoh
      • To each their own I suppose is the moral:P

        @William Pharaoh I assume you meant Microsoft/Dell right? And again I say to each their own...

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
  • iCrowd

    I would imagine that Apple's PC numbers are helped by the popularity of it's iPad and iPhone numbers. A portion of those users are buying into the whole Apple ecosystem. As iPhone and iPad get more competition, I expect the Mac numbers will level-out.
    • Leveling out is not bad news for Apple... It 'is good news:)

      @BigTipper Just saying.....

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn