Apple responds to nano complaints

Apple responds to nano complaints

Summary: A posting on contains a response from Apple executive Phil Schiller on the iPod nano complaints about screens that are easily scratched or broken.


ipodnano.jpgA posting on contains a response from Apple executive Phil Schiller on the iPod nano complaints about screens that are easily scratched or broken. According to Schiller, the broken screen problem is separate vendor issue and affects less than 1/10 of 1 percent of units shipped. Units will be replaced.

The scratchy screen issue, according to Schiller, is a non-issue:  "We have received very few calls from customers reporting this problem – we do not think this is a widespread issue. If customers are concerned about scratching we suggest they use one of the many iPod nano cases to protect their iPod."  I doubt that will be the last word on the subject...

Update: James Kim,'s audio expert, has this advice:

It's a known fact that all Apple iPods scratch fairly easily. Take a look at any iPod (front and back), and you'll notice a series of tiny scratches and smudges. In general, these blemishes give the iPod a more used--and in some minds, charming--look, and while an iPod loses a certain amount of luster, it doesn't affect its overall usability.

However, we've heard many complaints about the iPod Nano and how it seems to scratch more easily than other iPods and how these blemishes affect the device's usability. The Nano utilizes a polycarbonate coating that seems softer than other iPods'; it's a layer of plastic as seen on other Apple products such as the short-lived Cube. While you get typical scratches and smudges on the Nano, they occur more easily and are much more noticeable on a black Nano. I know since I carried my black Nano in my pocket with some change and keys like the typical user and found not only scratches and smudges but tiny chips on the hard edges of the device. After a week of use, this and the smudges tend to make text and photos seem warped under the smudges; the results are more noticeable than on the iPod Photo because of the Nano's size. While it's not pretty, I can use my Nano effectively.

Our advice: First, if you don't already have a Nano, consider getting a white one, as the blemishes are less likely to be noticed; secondly, pick up a case from an accessories house such as Belkin or Speck. Associate Editor Jasmine France carries her white Nano in one of these, and the body is nearly flawless, though it has the same effect as a bra on a sleek and fancy car--meh! Thirdly, make sure your pocket is free of change and keys if it's also going to hold your Nano. Finally, you can purchase a protective tattoolike skin or even get your Nano colorized for $64.

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  • Macworld, yes, ZD, NO!

    Would Schiller ever come to this bation of ignorance? I doubt it. Most of the TROLLS here are just too dad-blamed dishonest, even the writers are trollish.(not all though)
    • That's it, no more caffine and sugar for you!

      This troll thing that you have is bordering on obsession. You need to get outside once in a while and get some fresh air. You sound like you have been in the basement so long that you are the one that is turning in to a troll, literally.
  • Let's see brand new product and an Oops with a single

    manufacturer....Yowza! Now that is news...heh heh heh.

    As for the screen scratch thing well how about this for a
    question? Why is the screen EVER exposed to something sharp?
    I mean you are suppose to use the wheel to control the Nano
    like the original iPod so who the heck is poking and scratching
    the screen? Now "IF" you don't put the think in a case when you
    are casually carrying it about well then it's not the Nano it's the

    Pagan jim
    • i think the main complaint.....

      is that the screen scuffs from something as abraisive as a pocket, many have even complained that it scratched from a micofiber cleaning cloth.

      me thinks a better solution is to buy an ipod mini cheep.
  • Missing the point

    The iPod has taken on both cult and fashion status. So has the Nano. So if the screen really is crappy - no amount of Brasso, protective skins or what have you will compensate. So what's the point of defending a product that is defective as a fashhion accessory?
  • Hungry lawyers ?

    Now we can start a list of ambulance chasers ?
    The first thing to do is wait and see if their request for class
    action is certified. The suit might just be dismissed as frivolous
    My black nano is a little more scratched than my iPod photo, but
    then, the iPod is in a case and the nano isn't, which isn't very
    smart of me, as the nano gets a lot rougher treatment then the
    iPod. But then, my watch crystal is scratched, maybe I should
    start a class-action suit against the manufacturer, since it's a
    designer watch. That might make another lawyer happy and
    potentially even richer than he already is ? and, as usual in such
    cases, I wouldn't get anything out of it for the trouble ?