Apple sells 1 million iPhones

Apple sells 1 million iPhones

Summary: Apple said Monday that it has sold its 1 millionth iPhone--a tally that's impressive to some and disappointing to others who had way too high expectations. For context, Apple sold its 1 millionth iPhone (see Techmeme) just 74 days after the product's launch (feels like it was two years ago).

TOPICS: Apple, iPhone, Mobility

Apple said Monday that it has sold its 1 millionth iPhone--a tally that's impressive to some and disappointing to others who had way too high expectations.

For context, Apple sold its 1 millionth iPhone (see Techmeme) just 74 days after the product's launch (feels like it was two years ago). Apple's iPhone sales are impressive excluding those lofty expectations predicting a million units that first weekend.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who just the other day apologized for cutting iPhone prices too quickly, said in a statement:

"One million iPhones in 74 days-it took almost two years to achieve this milestone with iPod. We can't wait to get this revolutionary product into the hands of even more customers this holiday season."

In many respects, Apple's work really begins. Part of the secret to its success is that it has a customer base that will buy the first million units of any product--most manufacturers can only dream of that loyalty. Now that this milestone is out of the way we can look forward to that 10 million iPhone mark. Certainly, there will be a lot of news to come as Apple ponders wireless spectrum, new iPod product cycles and those stalwart Mac sales.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Mobility

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  • This is great news ,

    except for the MS users who wish Microsoft would have done the same . Calling all MS
    Trolls , Zealots , & Shills , why isn't your Goliath able to turn out great hits like Apples
    • Actually it is great news for Apple

      Though why you felt the need to bring MS into this disucussion is beyond me.
      • re: Actually it is great news for Apple


        "Though why you felt the need to bring MS into this disucussion is beyond me.

        Because Spot-Boy is an Apple shill and troller...
        M.R. Kennedy
    • You mean hits like...

      ...Windows, which is somewhere near 400,000,000 users worldwide? How about Vista, which already outnumbers all Mac users, and is growing rapidly? Windows Mobile? Microsoft Office? Should I go on, or do you get the point?

      Apple succeeds in some markets (iPod), fails in others (Newton, iTV). It will be a while before we can pass judgement on the iPhone. Many of us are not impressed with Apple's initial offering, but are waiting to see how it fairs in later revisions. But then, we are not blinded by the Apple logo, like you.
      • Well with your first number 400 MILLION one would

        assume that the second claim would be well a for gone conclusion heck with that
        many users one might think Windows ME might have made that many sales till the
        word got out....:P

        How long has Windows Mobile been out anyway? Give Apple and the iPhone some
        time to catch up will ya...heh heh heh...snicker.

        MS Office? Not a bad product over all but too much for me and too expensive
        since again it's too much for my needs. If my needs were MUCH more than they
        are now then I might not balk at the price but they'd have to be some pretty
        severe needs....:)

        Pagan jim
        • I agree, at least in part.

          I have never understood the pricing of software. Selling Office for $500 severely limits its sales, promoting piracy. You can say the same about most software. I like Acrobat Pro and Photoshop, but can't justify the price. I wish Microsoft, Adobe, etc, would follow the lead of the movie companies and begin selling their products for a price that most of us could afford, say $50 for Office. The volume of sales would more than make up for the lower price, and profits would soar.

          As for Windows Mobile, it is quite successful in its intended market: corporate users. How often do you see anyone using Palm OS anymore? I don't see the iPhone competing with WM, since it is aimed at an entirely different market, and lacks the features that a corporate user needs. The iPhone is designed to be strictly a consumer device, though its pricing puts it out of reach of most consumers. Before it was released, I asked if the iPhone would be the next PS3 (and was royally flamed!). At least with the recent price cut, Apple is trying to find a niche for it. Sony, on the other hand, refuses to cut the price, and will let the PS3 wither on the vine.
    • Did Apple really sell a million?

      And you don't find it the least bit odd that they lower the price (to entice buyers) , investors look at sales and estimate that they have missed their mark, stocks dips, then suddenly they hit their "target" market ahead of schedule?

      I'm sure the SEC will be looking into Apple very shortly.

      (What percentage of the desktop and server market does Apple have? Game Consoles? I can go on. Why isn't your Goliath able to turn out great hits like Microsoft?)

      That WAS too easy! :)
      John Zern
      • uhm...

        They didn't hit it ahead of schedule. Investors predicted a million sales would have already happened. This was *on* schedule for what Apple planned.
        • I must have misread

          the sentence. Thanks!
          John Zern
    • Half point for Tigertank...

      I missed the first posting until now, but my good friend Tigertank alleges that the loudmouth no brainers are the first to post when Apple is mentioned... Damn, he does have a point, although the loudmouths aren't necessarily anti-apple nutcakes. Looks like half point for you, half point for me, TT. ;)

      An interesting side note... I have never heard the word "shill" brought up except BY shills. Its like the self announcement that a shill has just entered the forum, and is attention starved... Be they a linux, microsoft or apple shill. Wierd, eh? And the only point the poor little fella has is at the top of his head. Sad.
  • Cool......

    Pagan jim
  • Where's NonZealot when you need him most?

    I'm sure you can find a negative element in this!
  • Great news for Apple

    And I believe it's only going to get better over time. The iPhone appears
    to be opening up a new market segment directed at consumers more
    than corporations and the response appears better than expected. With
    the price cut and (probably new models in a few months) Apple does
    appear to be going for it.
    • So...

      you equate a price cut with "better than expected response"?
      seems a bit dubious to me. I think what you are seeing is the quick peak of the mac crowd's pent up demand that has cooled now to little growth. Hence the price cut. <br>
      • Um it's been selling for like 2 whole months how

        could ANYONE make a sales volume claim one way or the other at this point? Also
        could it not be SAVINGS and the "A" typical business plan for the mobile phone
        industry? I mean take static ram do you see how much and many models of iPods
        and the iPhone Apple is currrently selling!?! That's a lot of static ram and I'm
        betting using the ole Dell formular Apple should be getting better deals. How
        about component savings on the iPhone in general now they've removed one
        model of iPhone but added two models of iPod Touch which for the very most part
        increase component use by a full third again volume equals savings correct? Then
        there is improvements in manufacturing efficiencies is there not? All in all it could
        be a possible explination rather than a slow down. Does anyone know who
        purchased the iPhone? is it restricted to Mac users or is there any demographics
        what so ever letting us know if your rational even holds water what so ever?

        Pagan jim
        • well, reading what Steve Jobs himself said.

          about now wanting to reach a wider audience for the iphone, i take it he is not satisfied with the current sales. <br>
          I don't buy the efficiencies and deals cutting it by 33% in 2 months. I just don't. Doesn't seem reasonable. <br>
          However, since many including Apple expected to see a million units go the opening weekend, we really don't know the numbers do we? We know when it reached a million, but do we know when it reached 900,000? It may have hit that milestone 2 weeks ago and the sales have started to decline. Wouldn't that be reasonable after the intial wave? Perhaps though Apple felt they had a much bigger winner on their hands. Seeing that wasn't the case, in terms of their expectations only, and considering any modern company has real time sales volumes, they lowered the price. <br>
          I think my hypothesis is more likely than yours, but that's what this is all about, isn't it. opinions based on what facts we can find.
          • Yes Jobs wants this product to reach a wider audiance.

            And you have too admit that "smart" phones are traditionally a niche market in the
            mobile industry so by wider audiance I"m not thinking he simply means more
            sales within the smart phone traditional market place but a much wider market
            like the entire mobile market and the new market I would call mobile
            entertainment which is the REAL goal of Apple and the iPhone is but a part of that
            over all puzzle.

            Are you certain that it was Apple's concept that they would sell a million in
            nothing flat!?! I remember a lot of hype by various people's and pundits out there
            many of whom assumed failure and others who shot for the moon in their
            predictions but I can't recall Apple claiming that it would sell a million in the iPods
            first weekend or first month the only million claim I ever heard came from Jobs
            himself and he said it would be around this time as I recall. So perhaps the
            volume of sales was based on a more conservative estimate on Apple's part and
            now that they have a better idea they have made better component deals with
            suppliers and manufacturers? VOLUME's a gas!!!

            Pagan jim
          • the new mobile entertainment market?

            We've had phones with video and music for half a decade or for entertainment with internet...what might we be looking forward to? iPhone chess tournaments? Trying to read the N.Y. Times at size 1 font? :)
          • Ah but......

            Most if not all those devices suffered from poor design or cludge. Wifi and other
            options of access to entertainment hubs such as iTunes were not and are still not
            fully in place but are not finally getting there. Broadband and other factors are
            coming together. Things are starting to gell. Still I would say that they previous
            decades products before the iPod and now iPhone were cludgy and clumsy...difficult
            to use and THAT is Apple's secret sauce. It's the interface stupid...not you mind you
            it's the saying...:P

            Pagan jim
          • So once again you are saying Apple is not an innovator, but more of a

            refiner of everyone else's innovations? I'd agree they do a pretty decent job of doing that. Sort of like how japanese manufacturing has always worked. Start with American or European ideas and innovation, then devote their time to refining it into something better. <br>
            Smart, i'll give 'em that. They don't need those pesky and expensive R&D departments very much.