Apple vs. RIM the video

Apple vs. RIM the video

Summary: Is Research in Motion trying to use Apple's app count against it? Sure looks like it.

TOPICS: Apple, BlackBerry

Is Research in Motion trying to use Apple's app count against it? Sure looks like it.

Here's a YouTube video that RIM appears to be behind. The big question is whether this appeal works against the iPhone 4. Worth a chuckle at the very least.

Topics: Apple, BlackBerry

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  • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

    Cute commercial. Not sure a good joke at the expense of the iPhone will sell Blackberries though. Identifying with an obscure singer will make Blackberries 'hip' er or not. An honest comparison of apps with purpose perhaps would be a better course. The flow of the commercial appears broken, as though its two commercials unrelated to one another. But then I'm not RIMs target market.
    • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

      @dheady@... Agreed. I thought it was a stupid ad. As per usual Apples competitors can't create an original idea. Even their commercials are copies (not just from the Original Apple ads but even from each other!). This was just a stupid move, just like the Windows Phone 7 ads. Waste of money I think.
      The Danger is Microsoft
      • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

        @The Danger is Microsoft

        You Jobs jock-sniffing apple guys never cease to entertain me.
    • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

      it worked for Apple it will work for rim, it looks like a scene out saturday night live.
  • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

    That was hilarious. Almost makes me want a Blackberry...okay that is fading already.
    • no, not really, no.

  • I don't own either, but I do own

    an iPod Touch, I have roughly 90 apps on it, a healthy mix of productivity, useful utilities, and entertainment. No fart apps, none that are completely pointless, like the little tracker app, that is used fool your friends into thinking you can track there cell phone.

    I have apps like Gas Cubby, which tracks fuel expenses, mileage, and maintenance. TomTom for turn by turn navigation. A couple of weather apps. Some mobile banking apps, some e-readers and RSS feaders. Some interesting educational apps like 3D Sun and Discovery. Netflix, Vevo, Flixster, Hulu, and then about a dozen games. And of course there are the productive apps like Docs to Go for mild editing, or remote viewing of documents when on the go.

    So when I see a commercial like that, all I can say is fail.

    It is the same failure that the I'm a Mac ads were. Some were funny, although this one wasn't even remotely funny, other than trying to draw on the experience of PC users, it really didn't show what the Mac was capable of doing, which is what the iPhone and iPad ads do. It is where MSFT is doing right in their ad with the "to the cloud" ad, and Windows 7 was my idea, just a quick look at a feature on what the OS can do. Which is what Blackberry needs to do for their line up, and it is what Apple needs to do for the Mac lineups. Show me what the machine can do, show me how it might be simpler to that of what I am using now, and may be you can entice my purchase dollars.

    Stupid ads like this don't do anything for me. It doesn't make me want to buy your product, because you haven't shown me what it can do.
  • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

    I liked that video, very funny. A lot of truth in it as well. All that was missing was a mention about the 100,000 tip calculators or flashlight apps.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

      @Loverock Davidson <br><br><u><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></u><br><br>"You know your platform is getting ready for 100 000 apps when you have the first tip calculator developed less than a week after the release of the emulator."<br><br>
  • So, when Windows has a bajillion apps that all do the same thing

    it's an awesome example of choice and the superiority of the platform. But when Apple has a bajillion apps that all do the same thing, it's an example of a dysfunctional and useless software ecosystem. Got it.
    • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video


      What are you talking about? Are you replying to Loverock? If that's the case, the only thing I'll say about that is that Windows never had a active log quanitfying the applications that work with it.
    • Please oh please don't disresepect !!!!

      Ok frogough, we get what your saying - you worship at the alter and no one has the right to mock Apple without getting scorned by you.

      Deal with it!!
      Ron Bergundy
    • Appearantly you don't "got it"

      @frgough <br><br>Windows was never mentioned. This was RIM and Apple.<br><br>But thanks once again for showing the knee jerk reaction from Apple idiots is to bring up Windows. <br><br>Apple stopped years ago trying to make themselves look better by trying to make MS look bad...maybe you Apple idiot fanbois should follow suit?
  • Not expecting to convert a lot of Apple customers, ehh?

    Here's a switch from Marketing 101: insult the early adopters by telling them they're all dumbshits. Tell all the people who have iPhone-using friends that their friends are all zeroes. Don't forget the company CEO who has one and will not be enthused that his IT dept is going to spend money making him look like an ass.

    Other than that, it's Tony-the-Tiger GRRRR-EAAT!
  • RE: Apple vs. RIM the video

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