Apple's iPad launch exceeds expectations: 3 million sold

Apple's iPad launch exceeds expectations: 3 million sold

Summary: Apple's supply chain was able to procure enough parts to launch the iPad in a bevy of countries right from the start.


Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company had a record launch for its latest iPad. He wasn't kidding. Apple sold 3 million iPads since the March 16 launch.

In a statement, Apple touted that the iPad launch was a "blockbuster."

On a conference call announcing a dividend and share repurchase plan, Cook said: "We had a record weekend, and we're thrilled with it."

As noted before, Apple's supply chain may have been the real hero here. Apple procured enough screens and was able to launch in a bevy of countries---US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US Virgin Islands---right from the beginning. Also see: With Apple's new iPad, supply chain is the hero

And 24 countries will get the iPad on March 23.

In any case, expectations for Apple's iPad sales may be a bit low. For instance, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster was expecting 1 million iPads on the first day of sales. He said:

Looking back historically, Apple did not release iPad 2 weekend sales figures, but the company did sell 300k 1st gen iPads on launch day. We continue to believe the company sold over 1m iPads on launch day including pre-orders and expect slight upside to the Street's 10.2m iPad estimate for March.

Instead, Apple delivered 3 million iPads in a three day and change run.

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  • OK Peter that HAS to be someway you can spin this negatively:)

    Just saying.....

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
    • Has it sold out yet?

      If not tell me when it does, I am waiting to sell the one I have!
      • You can do soooo much better Peter!!!

        I just don't think your heart is in it this time around and thats understandable.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • Oh yes it is...

        @james Quinn to the tune of $850! Believe me, my Wallet is involved so my heart is in it!

        If 3 Million were sold, how come only 1.5 Million are showing any web activity at all? And don't forget, Apple does count items with channel partners as sold.
      • I think you've made that channel partners claim before

        Peter Perry
        but I've yet to see any actual proof offered beyond your claim. As for the 1.5 million (strangely exactly half of the number sold?) Again since the iPad was sold in several different countries how do we know that the entire World Wide Web has been monitored. How exactly does one count up each individual iPad used? IP Address or something like? What are the chances this method being used is fool proof? What about sold but yet to be delivered and or opened? Gifts for anniversaries and birthdays and such? What about schools, businesses and government agencies that might have ordered hundreds at a time and have yet to unpack/setup the iPad it's only been a few days and even less if you count the time it took to deliver said so likely at best a couple days.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • Are you kidding

        @james Quinn Zdnet showed some stats the other day, from a tracking company... It has not one up substantially since Sunday Morning.
      • "A" tracking company? What exactly are we talking about here?

        Peter Perry
        tracking as in shipments or tracking as in internet use? I assume internet use right? So this one company has what methodology for doing it's tracking? What has it's past reports proven or disproven? Has it been reliably accurate in the past?

        Now what I find interesting is as you say they ran an article about a tracking company who claim that only 1.5 million iPads the newer ones I assume were activated or are active on the web (How do they or can they tell the difference between models I wonder?). Regardless and now an article is run about 3 million being sold were is the chunky guy with the glasses who always writes snarky Apple articles asking where's the beef? Seems logical since both articles came from ZDNet does it not?

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • StatCounter has shown a huge bump in iOS traffic this weekend.

        My guess is the 1.5 million is a very very poor estimate or you are simply looking for data to support your views instead of looking for data to form your views.
      • So

        We are to believe that someone who is obsessed with slagging all things Apple goes out and buys an iPad on the first weekend? Nothing like standing behind your convictions, eh? Seems to me I remember NonZealot doing the same thing. Curious.
    • Let me try Jim

      Finally we have hard data on how many suckers are born every minute and those who have more money than sense. Thankfully it's a small minority.

      • Nice try but I was looking more for an attack on Apple and or the iPad.

        Something like this: This just goes to show you how much the iPad blanks cause obviously Apple paid these people to go out and purchase the iPad before any real consumers could see how terrible a device it really is!" Something in that sort of vien. Besides attacking consumers is a real trick now a days. The very same people who purchase an iPad might own a Windows phone or a Windows PC and an XBox 360 (I own an XBox 360). So one should not bite the hand that at least in part feeds them.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • I don't know.

        Lots of people think Visual Studio represents great design in a SDK and .Net makes for productive programming. But most of those came from MFC programng and are used to pain:-)
    • Wow you guys are an angry lot aren't you

      I mean, I have owned Apple products for years as I stated previously...

      I have owned Mac Minis, MacBook Pros, and a MacBook Air for computers...

      I have owned an iPad, iPad 2, and the New iPad...

      I have also owned an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4s...

      The only product I truly hate of theirs is the iPhone line...

      As for my comments, they are aimed at people just like you @CowLauncher and @Bruizer... Because, you are so willing to give Apple a free pass on anything and hold every other companies feet to the fire... Going even further, if somebody says anything bad about an Apple Product (and there is plenty to say at times), you are there to proclaim Apple as perfect in every way!

      Get over it guys, they have plenty of flaws in their system and as long as you guys keep pushing apologetics for them, I will be right here showing that they are not perfect.

      As for nonzealot, i don't know the man and I have been on zdnet for years using my real name so why would I hide it? Seriously, I am not afraid to speak my mind at any point in time so I have no reason to hide behind an anonymous screen name.
      • Just a little FYI...

        ZDNet has given companies a pass and held Apple's collective feet to the fire several times.
        Jumpin Jack Flash
      • Nice

        I can respect that comment and give you props. Nicely worded.
      • Cue the double standard.

        Nice try, NZ.
      • The question is then...

        For a person that claims to own so much Apple stuff, why do you know so little about their uses and capabilities. You outright lie time and time and time again about what you can and cannot do with, for example, an iPhone it makes a person wonder if you have ever even seen one.

        Start using truthful positions and see what happens. As it is, you make Mike Daisey look like a person that has never even taking dramatic licenses.
      • Interesting...

        you don't know NonZealot? That's probably because you first showed up here about the time he disappeared.
      • I think you're misreading him

        msalzberg - He said "i don't know the man", he didn't say he doesn't know the screen name.
        William Farrel
  • Just you wait

    This is nowhere near the number of stars in the sky.

    Windows 8! It's so great! You just wait 'cause it's so late! Yay! </monkeyboy>
    Robert Hahn