Apple's iPhone app parade begins; Salesforce, Oracle get early jump

Apple's iPhone app parade begins; Salesforce, Oracle get early jump

Summary: Apple's iPhone app parade got an early jump on the 3G version of the popular device Thursday, but business and productivity apps seem to be lagging in the back of the line.Aside from Salesforce.


orcl3.jpgApple's iPhone app parade got an early jump on the 3G version of the popular device Thursday, but business and productivity apps seem to be lagging in the back of the line.

Aside from and Oracle, enterprise heavyweights seem to be sitting out the early wave of iPhone apps (Techmeme, statement, iTunes 7.7 download, Apple update primer).

Here's an early look at the most popular business apps--popular is a bit relative since the store is launched before the 3G iPhone and we're all window shopping:


As you can see from the screenshot, Salesforce Mobile and Oracle Business Indicators (see gallery) are prominent. Other business apps fall into the more personal business category and focus on tracking expenses, yellow pages, flights and Bloomberg, which would probably be my first app downloaded since I'm a financial nerd.

Also see: Poll: Does your IT department plan to support the iPhone 3G, with its improved enterprise features?

On the productivity side of the house, Apple's App Store has a bunch of apps that I wouldn't necessarily call must haves. A lot of to-do list sort of apps. Photobucket for iPhone and QuickLight I suppose are productive, but your IT department may beg to differ.


Perhaps things on the business side of the iPhone will pick up, but the early days will probably focus on the games. There's no lack of selection there, which is probably why I'll opt for a new iPod touch over an iPhone. I'm not going to bluff that the iPhone is going to make me more productive. I'll stick to what works--an iPod touch with plenty of items to help me pass some time on the trains, planes and automobiles.

Update:  Oracle announced more details about its Business Indicators iPhone application. The company said that the application leverages Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus (OBILEE) and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, Fusion Edition. The applications are also based on services oriented architecture.

The Business Indicators software is targeted to metric happy CFOs initially, but will follow the initial release with ERP business approval processes, CRM apps and other modules.

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  • Siege

    The iPhone has just been released. The beta test was the
    release of the hardware. The device itself is defined almost
    entirely by software, and it's just getting started.

    In the face of Apple hype, the hype busters will be out in
    force. We need no critical judgement, because PC
    repairmen are offering theirs. They will pass judgement on
    the phone in absentia, and decry Apple's ability to mold
    the message. They will ignore it's potential as a platform.

    After all, this device has the audacity to bypass the false
    economy of PC repair! You can't even replace the battery!
    It's a massive affront to a culture of mediocrity. As a result,
    the "non-use" of the iPhone will be the most aggressive,
    vocal and repetitive non-use we've ever seen. Apple
    fanboys, zealots, cultists, and (gasp) women, are aligning
    against the forces of common sense. It's shocking, I know,
    but 15 years of PC advocacy are being threatened by this
    phalanx of little square icons. Something has to be done,
    so a 300 million dollar campaign will attempt to secure the
    city gates.

    It's an exciting time to be alive.
    Harry Bardal
    • LOL

      Is that sarcasm I smell?
      Larry Dignan
    • Bravo Harry!

      It's an exciting time to be alive indeed.
    • Hee hee

      I was going to post something else, but I decided Harry said it better than I would have.

      "I'm going to not-buy the iPhone SO HARD! Can you feel how hard I'm not buying it? Because I'm doing it as hard as I can! Take that, fanboys!"
  • RE: Apple's iPhone app parade begins; Salesforce

    Yes the bloggers and the fanbois are quick to reproduce Apple's press releases and I'm sure after 2 years of lying about Windows and how secure Mac OS is in TV ads, another expensive bunch of lies will be coming down courtesy of Apple.

    And the rest of us with smart phones with features (and replaceable batteries) we've had for years that Apple is yet to reproduce, will look on in bemusement as the lemmings line up outside the stores.

    You can't fool everybody all of the time, but it appears you can fool Apple users.
    • Dead On! Window's Mobile has had this for years

      Windows Mobile has had these features for years, it's just a
      bunch of hype. Microsoft just didn't see a need to wrap it all
      in cutesy packaging for the children out there.
      I have often wondered though if Windows Mobile was a
      response to Palm or the other way around?
      • LOL @ Cutesy Packaging

        Ever seen Windows Vista?
    • Couple of things...

      Are you certain that only Apple users/fans are purchasing
      the iPhone? I've not seen any data that makes that claim.

      Yes you have a smartphone and have had one for yesrs but
      it would seem that some people either found the current
      or recently past smartphones wanting for they did not
      bother to purchase one or they are traiding in for and
      iPhone. Note I did say some not all (I try NOT to make un
      backed up claims as some might) So the question is why?
      If they owned a smartphone previously why trade it in for
      an iPhone? Could it be that the iPhone is for them at least
      the better product. That a "feature" in and of itself is not a
      deal maker or breaker? To any given individual a given
      feature of set of said might not be useful or wanted? While
      another set and a sweet UI might be a better solution? Just
      throwing out alternative ideas here.

      As for replaceable batteries. To some again this is
      important but to me not so much. I want a mobile device
      to be a clutter free as possible and to carry something
      "extra" seems counter to that. I'd probably loose the extra
      batter knowing me...heh heh heh

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn