Apple's iPhone OS event: What to expect

Apple's iPhone OS event: What to expect

Summary: Apple is taking the stage again this morning, this time to talk about iPhone OS. What should you expect t9oq


Just as the buzz over the iPad starts to drop to a mild roar, along comes Apple with another news event this morning - this time, to talk about iPhone OS 4.0.

There's been no shortage of wish lists for new iPhone OS features on the Internet since the company sent the first invitation to the event on Monday. Among the biggies:

  • Multitasking: The ability to run third party apps simultaneously has been on the top of wish lists for some time now. The push notifications on the iPhone OS could really use some beefing up. Maybe allowing multitasking once and for all is one way to address them.
  • WiFi syncing: I talked about this in a post earlier this week about the downfall of the iPad and am hoping that Apple will turn a corner on iPhone OS 4.0 in a way that frees the devices from that synchronization cord.
  • A folder system: As the iPhone OS devices continue to get more complex, what with all of those apps and different things happening, users need a way to keep themselves better organized. The on-screen app organizer in iTunes was a good start - but something directly on the device and a system that allows users to separate games from productvity apps from reader, viewers and players would be a nice next step.

But the one rumor that's been getting the most buzz is news around integrated mobile ads. If you think about what else is happening in that space, the stars are somewhat aligned now for such an announcement. Consider the following:

  • Apple already considers itself a mobile devices company, what with the iPod, iPhone, iPad and even laptop computers all being portable devices.
  • Google's acquisition of Ad-Mob, which had also been on Apple's radar, is all but certain to face some regulatory scrutiny, given Google's presence in Internet advertising. That shifts the spotlight away from Apple, which ended up buying Quattro Wireless but has yet to show what it plans to do with it.
  • Apple may be a mobile devices company but comparing it to Google and its potential to dominate the ad market if the Ad-Mob deal is approved makes it seems like a much smaller player. After all, the iPhone is not the market leader - though you'd never know it, given the publicity and coverage - and new competition is coming in the form of an Android push and the release of Windows Mobile 7 later this year. Likewise, the iPad market is a new category with competitors already on its heels, so it should also stay off the regulators' radar, as well.

Coming off the iPad release from just a few days ago, the blogosphere just didn't have the time to stir the speculation pot on what Apple may or may not have to say today. These are supposed to be sneak peeks but we don't even know if they're ready for prime time yet.

I'll be reporting live from the event later this morning. Check back for updates

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  • market leader

    "After all, the iPhone is not the market leader..."
    but android is?

    apple will use its own ad provider from now on in over around 100
    million iX devices. admob will be used in android devices (9%
    smartphone market share?). where else is admob used?
    • Whos growing faster?

      The current prediction is that Android will have
      around 18% market share by the end of 2010 with
      Apple having come down from 23% to 21%. Only a
      fool would look at just the current figure and not
      the trend. RIM is still the market leader in the
      U.S. by a long shot.
      • Trends can change

        either for or against Apple, RIM, or the other players.

        But yeah, RIM has the highest market share by quite a margin so I'm not seeing them dethroned by anyone anytime soon...
  • RE: Apple's iPhone OS event: What to expect

    How does this differ from what they are doing now? I've downloaded a few apps that had ads in them already. The I proceed to delete them immediately once I see the ads.
    Loverock Davidson
    • So wait...

      Are you admitting to owning an Apple device?!?
      • BWAHAHAHA!

        Ol' Rockhead is in League With the Devil!

        No MS shill check for YOU this month, Lovey!
      • Have I ever denied it?

        Perhaps you should go back and read my posts more carefully.
        Loverock Davidson
      • I bet NonZealot and Loverock attend a support group together. [nt]

    • Those are third party apps

      not native Apple apps... and even then they are usually the "free" versions of the "xxxplus" or whatever. Does this mean Apple will be placing ads in the native apps? If so I might have to reconsider the iPhone as my mobile device of choice...
  • If this is all they're going to add....

    They are in trouble. I suspect that if the iPad manages
    to keep people slobbering for nothing then they will
    quietly let the iPhone hype die off. Even if they manage
    to outdo Android 2.1 and the EVO in this announcement
    they'll be back in the same boat almost before they can
    • @ storm114K Apple in trouble? NOT by a long shot

      In Trouble? Apple is the third most valuable company in the US.
      It passed up Google Walmart Only Exxon/Mobil and Microsoft are more
      valuable and MS is only worth a little more 38 billion than Apple as of

      With Apple's $45 billion plus in cash on hand it could buy Dell HP &
      Gateway and still have money left over.
      • I didn't mean the whole company...

        I meant the iPhone. Look folks...its fun and all
        to say whole companies are going under for flames
        but its quite obviously not easily done. Look at
        Palm still hanging on.

        Now as for the iPhone I just read through some of
        the leaked users guide for the upcoming HTC
        Incredible......the iPhone isn't even on the radar
      • Yep that's true

        They have a lot of cash from iCripples buying gadgets with crippled abilities. Watch what happens when the Android phones become more prevelant and then Google starts shipping it's tablet with Chrome OS. Sorry bud, but I'll be an Android guy. I never bought an iphone and I DESPERATELY need a phone now but I'm holding off on a phone running Android I like. Motorola's phone is top shelf and much better than an iPhone but it's still a little spendy used IMHO. I would never waste money on a product like that new, it's so much more wise to hold off a little while. The product lines are forming in China now, it won't be long before the market will flood with them. Why on EARTH would I lock myself into Apples stupidity if I can avoid it and get a better product as well???

        I'll let the icrips stand in line for their crippled gadgets. I've got better things to do.
        • Yeah you have better things to do

          like troll the ZDNet forums and post crap about Apple and the people who buy Apple products. Sure, much better things to do with one's time. Hey, wait, didn't that dude just cross your bridge without paying? might wanna go catch him...
  • Don't need multitasking.

    Is multitasking a true NEED or are you idiots just being greedy?
    • Multitasking

      Multitasking on my Palm Pre is pretty cool... Wish you were here!
    • Sorry for the echo...

      but I've been enjoying multitasking on my Palm Pre
      for quite some time now. Without it, I wouldn't be
      able to get much real work and even some real play

      I hope the iPhone gets multitasking this go-round
      so we can quit hearing so many lame excuses as to
      why you don't really need it. Sheesh!
    • Yes

      Of course multitasking is a true need. Never
      having had it on a phone, you may be able to
      drink the Kool Aid and believe otherwise, but
      it's not just important, it's critical.

      This is not about swapping apps. Sure, you do
      swap apps dramatically faster via multitasking
      than PalmOS style freezing and thawing, but
      that's not a chance in capabilities (and any
      mobile OS has to do the freezing and thawing
      anyway, since a very large app may have to kick
      all other interactive apps out of memory).

      This is about daemons... thing that run in the
      background and do your bidding. So any
      application can do push, not just Apple's
      applications. So a GPS program can log your
      travels without your needing to change your
      smartphone use patterns. So any new kind of
      messaging behaves in a first class sense, not
      only "when running the client". Once you have
      this, you cannot live without it.

      Apple's excuse has been "it sucks power". The
      reality is, no, it doesn't. But even if it did,
      you have that power on the iPad if not the
      iPhone yet. And it still belongs as a user
      choice... maybe I want to spend a few minutes
      of battery life everyday to have that
      "Weatherbug" icon showing me the temps and
      sending weather alerts. Or the Facebook gadget
      on my home screen. After all, this has been in
      Android from the start. Blackberries also
      multitask, as do WinMo phones, Palm WebOS
      phones, and all Linux-based mobile phones.

      As the market for smart phones grows and
      eventually saturates, Apple needs to be able to
      lure users away from other phones. They still
      win on "slick", but without multitasking,
      there's no way any experienced user of said
      devices would even consider an iPhone or iPad.
    • I had it on mine for a while

      just to see if it was something I personally needed and really other than streaming Pandora while I was checking email - which was pretty cool to be able to do BTW - I really didn't use it much... If Apple includes third party multitasking with iPhone OS4 that would be cool but it's not something I'm going to upset about if they don't... I'd like to see more customization options, folders, video recording as part of the OS for the older model iPhones (instead of having to use a jailbreak or third party apps for it), a better lockscreen notification system - in other words everything I jailbroke the iPhone for in the first place...
  • RE: Apple's iPhone OS event: What to expect

    multi-tasking is already there, I have heard that if you are willing to hijack your phone, then you can get that feature right now. So what is really new in iPhone OS 4.0?