Apple's 'mindshare' off the charts, says ZDNet Research

Apple's 'mindshare' off the charts, says ZDNet Research

Summary: Datapoint: Latest BT Trax mindshare figures show that, in the last month, Apple's share of total news stories read by ZDNet users in the desktop category skyrocketed from 3 to over 70 percent...

TOPICS: Hardware

Datapoint: Latest BT Trax mindshare figures show that, in the last month, Apple's share of total news stories read by ZDNet users in the desktop category skyrocketed from 3 to over 70 percent...

Topic: Hardware

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  • 'Big Guy' Comp-Businesses Sneer At Apple, But...

    Isn't it strange that absolutely no other tech company in the world turns heads like Apple Computer.
    • It's not strange at all.

      Those idiot IT managers who sneer at Apple are the worst kind of noncreative garbage in the world. These imbeciles do everything in their power to stifle innovation and creative thought in the organizations they work for.

      The part I found really amusing about that article was how they all claim that Apple's products are too expensive, then today we see another article that says "virus defense and disaster recovery together accounting for over 50% of current security budgets." So it's okay to pour money down that rathole, but buying more expensive hardware (which it actually isn't, by the way) is a no-no?

      One of the differences between a computer science degree and an information technology degree is that the latter often has no math requirement. That explains a lot.
      Immanuel Tranz-Mischen
  • Apple is rockin' now !

    I've been using M$ software ever since my first computer, a TRS-80 Model 1, in 1980. I recently bought a P4 @ 3 Ghz. in April, 2004. Since then, I've had to cold install my OS more than ten times, had to clean out more than three viruses, & I have had to repair my OS almost as many times as I uninstall a program that I don't want on my computer anymore.
    I am finished with the constant attacks, malfunctions, & poor quality of M$ Windows software.
    I am now saving to buy a Mac. I was one of those people that felt that the eliteist attitudes of the users of Macs were un-warrented, & that Apples were too expensive. Now, with the advent of the Mac Mini, Apple is finally aiming at the mass-market consumer. Mindshare is rising. Great ! I hope that Apple eventually overtakes & sinks M$ !
    Rock On, Apple !
    • You will LOVE your Mac

      and only wish you had discovered the elegance of the Apple OS
      sooner. Congratulations on your liberation from M$, and
    • properly maintaining a pc

      You seem to be the only person here with so many M$ problems. What makes you think that magically you won't have MORE problems with OSX. Steve Jobs told you so? I have 2 machines, PCs both and have NEVER had any real problems whatsoever, other than the ones I created myself! And, what's this "bluescreen" thing that the Apple Zealots point to continually?
      Feldwebel Wolfenstool
      • Opinions vary I'm told.....

        So your experience is different from anothers? What does that
        mean anyway? You will not be interested in the Mac Mini or
        OSX..fine. However it is undeniable that others will be interested
        and some of those will purchase a Mac.

        Pagan jim
      • Oh one more thing..."The day of the Computer Geek"

        is rapidly coming to an end.

        Most people do not want to properly maintaine their toster nor
        their DVD Player or TV. They want computing and computers to
        be pretty much the same thing, and manufacturer's are tripping
        over themselves to make this so. Yes even PC's and Windows.

        The Computer Geek ruled for a couple decades but now if he
        looks closely he can see the end coming just over the horizon. It
        may take another decade or so but it will happen.

        Pagan jim
      • The average person doesn't

        The average person buying a PC from Dell or at Best Buy does
        not understand the technical requirements of maintaining a safe
        PC. These people want to be able to use a computer as easily as
        they use their TV or car. That's why malware is so rampant.

        While you may have no problems, they do and the Mac mini
        provides a very attractive alternative. At the $499 starting price
        it's going to get their attention.
      • "only person here with so many M$ problems". Nope there are many others

        I know at least 4 people (of varying admin capabilites from none, to excellent) who've all given up with Windows. They've moved to Linux.
        (Redhat, Mandrake and SUSE).

        Personally, I've had vast IT experience, including a couple of years in support, and many many years programming (windows, linux, unix etc).

        Guess what? I've had two Windows XP machines screw up in the last month. Both have up to date antivirus, firewall, all the patches automatically downloaded and installed.
        So I had to reinstall the OS on both machines.
        One bluescreens regularily on trying to run shock games, even though the graphics card is an extremely popular and normal card.

        By your argument, I must be rubbish at all this IT stuff. And yeah, I've bought a Mac Mini. I *HAVE* had OSX before, and nope it didn't have MORE problems, it didn't have ANY problems.

        You said "NEVER had any real problems". In other words you have had problems. What sort of problems. I've heard people saying how bulletproof Windows XP is, and then watched them reinstall their OS three times.

        This reminds me of people who used to have British motorbikes claiming they were better than the Japanese ones, but spending every weekend rebuilding the engine.

        TO EVERYONE ELSE: Beware of people with extreme brand loyalty unless you can see evidence that their loyalty is justified.
        (like they're hugely productive and really calm and stress free).
      • Maintaining a PC

        Let's be honest here. M$ reminds me of GM. Poor design, poor construction, from poor components. Apple has problems, but at least their OS is based on solid engineering, not something conjured up by the myriads of high-school hotdogs that apparently populate Redmond. May the flies of a thousand camels come to rest in their beers.
        Da Coyote
  • Windows PCs need to be "handicapped"

    I am not a system administrator, IT geek or anything like that, just -- in my opinion -- an above average home user. My opinion of Mac vs. Windows is this: Windows is superior ONLY because of its market dominance, not because it's a superior product.

    If you rely on a Windows machine you MUST keep virus/firewall protection up to date. You MUST do maintenance (deleting Temp files, updating drivers, etc) on a regular basis for optimum performance. If you dl & install 3rd Party software -- like those offered on ZDnet -- you do so with the knowledge that it COULD screw up your system. Even after you uninstall the offending software you may have to fix things to where they were before.

    So if you take all the above as a "given" and don't factor in the cost -- in dollars and cents as well as man-hours, stress and frustration -- then by God! Windows wins hands down!
    • market dominance

      I agree completely. "Windows is superior ONLY because of its market dominance, not because it's a superior product."

      To those who dispute the claim of IT managers that the Mac isn't a contender for business, that market dominance is the reason. No matter what you do with your PCs, there's a Windows solution at all levels in the enterprise. Usually several solutions. The Mac has been concentrating on the graphics and design market but the rest of the enterprise has received limited attention for most the the Mac's life.

      The Mac mini may help to bring users into the Apple fold, but it has a long way to go before it becomes a major player again. I've seen several argue that Apple is satisfied to be a niche player in the compuer market. If that's the case then why would they be surprised (or care for that matter) that IT mangers don't consider them to be ready for the enterprise where systems cover the spectrum of functionality.

      If Apple wants to remain a closed system and be the only source of hardware, they need to make sure they have a solution for all market segments. They now have a reasonably priced machine but it is completely closed. Except for memory upgrades, you can't do squat. The next headless model in their lineup is 3X the price of the mini. And if you want to do more than add RAM or possible upgrade the hard drive, that's the price point you have to deal with.

      And repairs!?!? I just got a price for repairing my MDD G4. The only "Apple Authorized Repair Center" anywhere near me says it needs a logic board AND cpu. Cost, $800 + labor!!!! If one of my Windows machines failed and required this, that would get me a new MB and top of the line P4, not 3 year old CPU and logic board. But due to Apple's closed architecture that's the only logic board that will fit into that case. Granted there is finally a third party CPU upgrade for this mac model, for $600!?!?

      As to why Apple stories have received so many hits in the last month. DUH!!! How many stories have there been on Apple's products in the last month compared to a typical month?
      • How We Got Here

        How could a single flakey Californian company be allowed to
        control a multi billion dollar industry. Well they couldn't be. We
        opted for "open" architecture and invited the rampant and
        unfettered abuse of the market for years as Microsoft expanded
        their monopoly. We thought we were doing the right thing. It has
        to be about "choice" we said, then allowed an unscrupulous
        vendor to remove our choices. We can buy a Dell or a HP, there
        must be an open market right? Wrong. The only thing that ever
        mattered here was software with the OS as the centerpiece. The
        antitrust suits have made that clear.

        But business supports MS and business is usually right? Well
        business has been led down a very long garden path. There is
        NO question that business would be better served by a thin
        client architecture. Who's to blame for us not having one? Apple
        computer of course. Apple made personal computers for
        individuals, their only mistake was a massive underestimation of
        how many real individuals inhabited the planet. It was the
        "personal" paradigm that MS chose to parrot. In this way Apple
        has had a large negative effect on business, though not through
        any direct action. Microsoft has been envious of Apple
        engineering, both hardware and software, for years. In 2005
        Nothing has changed.

        So what about the expense? Well after years of trying to turn
        computers into low grade commodities, there has been much
        success. Now everyone is chiming up saying I've gone though 2,
        3, 4 computers. How important are computers to you? Aren't
        they worth it? Isn't this an area where maybe spending a little
        more is in order? What's your time worth?

        Shuffle motherboards all you want, but don't delude yourself
        into thinking you're making a contribution. Save a few dollars
        and find, as in all thiings, you get exactly what you pay for. A
        computer is not a toaster. It's a highly sophisticated multi
        function tool. It's an extension of the human mind and a key to
        our further evolution as a species.

        Too bad everyone shops in scrap yards and bargain bins.

        Harry Bardal
        • Huh?

          I'm not quite sure how to take your reply.

          "Shuffle motherboards all you want, but don't delude yourself into thinking you're making a contribution."

          Contribution to what? Considering I was talking about my personal system the contribution I'd prefer to make is to my own bank account, not Apple's. If the motherboard (logic board in Apple speak) dies I upgrade it to the current level technology and put in the fastest CPU that's within my budget. Not an option with Macs. There are third party CPU upgrades out there but nothing that's going to let drop a G5 into this case. As to what my time is worth, not the $100/hr the Apple Service Center is going to charge me to do the repairs, assuming I let them do it and don't just write off the machine and buy a new one.

          As to scrap yards and bargain bins... Nope, I don't show there. But I also don't shop at Tiffany's. I get the best quality I can for the price I can afford, usually spending just a little more than I wanted to be sure I get good quality. But when something fails I consider that a time to upgrade, not spend the price of a new system to restore 2+ year old technology.
      • Market Dominance is not necessarily a plus.

        I don't know why these IT guys always want MS only solutions.
        The bottom line is that for many things Macintosh is a MUCH
        better solution than Windows. The hardware is better. I've been
        using Macs for over 15 years and except for my UMAX Mac clone
        which shipped with a bad MB, I have never had a bad main
        board. I asked the Apple Authorized dealer in casual
        conversation the cost of one for a G4 and he told me $400 to
        replace the same board with no upgrade options. Meanwhile
        most PCs made in the last 5 years blow MBs and processors
        every few months. I spent $1100 replacing a small board in my
        Tektronix printer. I did have to replace apower supply once
        because the fan was bad and it cost me 4-6 times as much as a
        power supply for a PC. Still, the quality of Mac hardware and the
        superior operating system make the Macintosh a much better
        computer if you need to get work done. If you enjoy working on
        your computer and enjoy the challenges of adware, spyware,
        viruses, being hacked, web sites that destroy your internet
        software, software and hardware conflicts, an operating system
        that crashes often, has everything imaginable jumbled into it,
        and has a tendency to just die in deadline situations then
        Windows PCs are for you. Yes, there is more software available
        for Windows PCs and lots of cheap low end hardware available
        for PCs, but along with the amount of software available for PC
        comes a lot of crappy, buggy software. Other than games and
        some specialty software, there is usually at least one title
        available for Mac and the software for Mac is usually from the
        top vendors, although since OSX is Unix and with X11 you can
        run most Linux and other Unix apps as well as many Unix
        vendors have ported directly to OSX.

        OK, I've trashed PCs enough. For many things a PC is the way to
        go and often PCs are set up to really only run a few programs for
        a specific task. They do well for this. There are some things that
        you just have to have a Windows PC for, but to exclude all other
        platforms for a Windows only network is just plain stupid unless
        the IT guys are doing it for job security because chasing down
        Windows problems is what they are paid to do. I like Solaris on
        Sparc for a main server, but IBM offers a lot of great alternatives.
        I would never put a Windows or any x86 server as my gateway to
        the world except for serving web pages. Any business should
        use multiple platforms, firewalls and levels of security and use
        task related machines. Putting all your eggs in one basket is not
        a wise decision. It would be and is foolish to run the graphics
        department on PCs since Windows is so problem prone and can't
        produce color properly, but many companies do just that. I
        would never put a PC through what I put my Mac through as a
        graphic designer. Sometimes I run 20 RAM hog programs at
        once and I've never had a Panther system crash.
  • Design gets mindshare

    Apple gets a lot of mindshare because they put a huge amount
    of effort into the design of their hardware and software. When
    was the last time that there was major public interest in a Dell
    desktop or MP3 player? Credit is due to Steve jobs and a lot of
    very talented people who work at Apple.
    • Yes Ken...

      and let's not forget thinking different, standing out from the other (me-too's) and innovating. That's why they will continue to have a hudge loyal following and will continue get a lot of mindshare.

      Are there any Dell fan base out there?