Arabic iOS dictation apps arrive in UAE

Arabic iOS dictation apps arrive in UAE

Summary: Nuance brings its Dragon Dictation and Search apps in Arabic to the United Arab Emirates.


Tech execs flying to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, good news: Arabic-ready apps from Nuance are coming to the United Arab Emirates.

We're big fans of Nuance's Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search apps, which process dictated text messages, e-mails and web searches and have been available on Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad for quite some time. Until recently, however, they haven't been widely available in the Middle East.

After a successful launch in Saudi Arabia, the free apps are coming to the UAE in standard Arabic. The apps also support another 25 languages, from English (U.S., U.K. and Australia) to Korean.

Nuance sees the region as an area for growth, and it no doubt helps the company as it knits together the rest of the world in using speech as a primary mode of interface.

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