Are Twitterers Tworons?

Are Twitterers Tworons?

Summary: This just in: No one in the real world knows what the hell Twitter is.Kara Swisher took an informal poll of folks using Twitter at a wedding and found virtually know one that cared--or even knew--about it.


This just in: No one in the real world knows what the hell Twitter is.

Kara Swisher took an informal poll of folks using Twitter at a wedding and found virtually know one that cared--or even knew--about it. Now this is in stark contrast to what the blogosphere would have you believe. In our world, Twitter and H2O are needed for life support. Neither Kara's poll nor the blog bluster qualify as scientific studies of behavior by the way.

I passed Kara's link around on IM (yes, I'm a Luddite) and was surprised by a few of the comments and Twitter backlash against the folks that write: "Pouring another cup of tea. looking at the rain. are my 140 characters up yet?" Disclosure: I use Twitter occasionally, but am far from rabid about it. It's becoming a marketing vehicle.

But the real takeaway from my informal discussions was a few humorous monikers for Twitterers in a Fake Steve Jobs sort of way.

With that in mind, here's a look at some of the better descriptions. Pick your favorite:

[poll id=86]

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  • A couple more...

    (For the record, not pleased with "twittard". Any thing that comes close to using the name "retard" or associates with the term "mentally retarded" should be banished.) With that said, on with the suggestions.


    Twake your pick. ;-)
  • So what is that twitter anyway?

    Checked website once but did not understand what it is about :)
  • Whatever it is, it worked for the guy in Egypt
  • Twittz

    I think we're Twittz. ;)

    I think the system is still in growing pains, trying to define itself. I see some who use it as a replacement for the old AOL chat rooms, while others use it more seriously as a quick and dirty information exchange or even micro-RSS feed.

    The beauty of the system is that it is opt-in, so people really get to define their own usage of it. I personally never look at the public timeline. I use it to keep tabs on certain information streams and the activities of a few other artists. Everyone is different, though. It is what you choose it to be.
  • RE: Are Twitterers Tworons?

    How about nitwitz?
  • Twitter me this...

    I began using it recently. Clearly not life-altering, nor is it something I'd miss if I went without it (yet, but I've said the same before about other things). The fact that it was an internal thing, and became public afterwards is a nice thing, though. It certainly has it's use.
  • Everything in moderation

    I used to knock it blindly, but I eventually warmed up to it after seeing some worthwhile uses of it (following a co-worker's baby delivery, local storm spotters in action, reading humorous non-blogworthy anecdotes of my friend's travels, etc.) I now post to it maybe once or twice a day (and only follow people I actually know well) so I think I've done a good job keeping it in the proper perspective by using it only as a more casual communications tool - as it was meant to be used IMO.

    It is scary to see the people who have a crack-like addiction to it though. I know I have similar addictions to the web and technology in general. But I also realized a long time ago that there was no way to be constantly plugged into all my sites, feeds, etc, so it was pointless to worry about it 24/7. A lot of Twitter users clearly haven't had that realization yet.

    I voted for Twittards btw. I can't repeat what some of my co-workers call Twitter addicts, but feel free to substitute a vowel for one of the derivations above and you'll have a pretty good idea.
  • Are Twitterers Tworons? KNOW!

    Know, the twitterers I no are not dumb, you misspelling twittwat
  • Yes it is just the Blogosphere

    It is true - the Real World doesn't know or care about twitter. I started using it after listening to Leo LaPorte talking about it incessantly. I like the concept, but to most people it just isn't something they want to do. I've tried to get my friends into it, but they all either simply post "eating.", "showering." type posts, and/or they quit after a few days of updating.

    Fact is, my friends aren't in the blogosphere. And I'm only a consumer of blogs not a producer, despite a few past forays. So when I try Twitter, I find that the only active users are... the bloggers. Who I already read and listen to regularly anyway.

    I'm about to hang it up on twitter - not because I don't like the idea - but because it's pointless when you don't have a network of gadget-happy friends all using it as well.