AT&T details iPhone plans; Rolls out 'iReady' tips (yes we're serious)

AT&T details iPhone plans; Rolls out 'iReady' tips (yes we're serious)

Summary: AT&T on Tuesday outlined its pricing structure for the rollout of the 3G iPhone and cooked up one cheesy marketing word: iReady.Just imagine the new uses for "iReady".


AT&T on Tuesday outlined its pricing structure for the rollout of the 3G iPhone and cooked up one cheesy marketing word: iReady.

Just imagine the new uses for "iReady".

  • "Let's get iReady."
  • "iReady, set, iPhone."
  • "Are you iReady?"

Ok, I'm getting distracted here. AT&T isn't exactly on par with Microsoft's "Wow" marketing thing with Vista, but it is damn close.  The bottom line: It's safe to say that AT&T will make up its iPhone subsidy. You could get iSoaked.

Onto the details (statement):

  • The iPhone 3G will go on sale at 8 a.m. local time July 11.
  • The 3G iPhone will run you $199 for the 8 GB model and $299 for the 16GB model, which isn't new.
  • Those prices require two-year contracts and are available to new customers, iPhone users before July 11 and other AT&T customers eligible for an upgrade.
  • Anyone not eligible for a 3G iPhone can fork over $399 for the 8GB model and $499 for the 16GB model (with a two year contract).
  • If you want no contract in the future, you can buy an iPhone for $599 for the 8GB version or $699 for the 16GB version.
  • Current AT&T customers will also fork over an $18 upgrade fee and new customers will pay a fee of $36.
  • iPhone calling plans range from $129.99 a month to $69.99 a month.

Separately, AT&T said it will spend $250 million in network investments in 2008 in Connecticut for 3G upgrades. AT&T has spent about $20 billion in wireless network upgrades over the last five years.

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  • pretty close to what I pay for a Windows Mobile phone with AT&T

    I have been anxiously awaiting getting rid of my Cingular 2125, and am very happy with the prices of the 3G iPhone plans ... almost exactly what I am paying now for a low-end plan with 200 SMS messages.

    The plans sound pretty competitive with what you end up paying for with both Windows Mobile and Blackberry, and the device cost seems comparable too.
  • I'll take 2 please

    I'll be buying one for myself and one for my wife on the 11th, with a 2 year contract. My only concern at this point is that they keep saying the 3G is "twice as fast as EDGE" when in reality it should be MUCH faster than that. Other 3G phones I've used on AT&T 3G (Windows Mobile) like the Blackjack II and Tilt are easily 5 times faster and have next to no latency while the EDGE performance is latency sludge.

    Has anyone seen any statements on what the ACTUAL bandwidth capabilities of the iPhone 3G are?
    • Actual bandwidth of iPhone on AT&T 3G

      According to the newly updated AT&T page at

      "AT&T's super-fast mobile broadband network puts iPhone 3G in the broadband fast lane with download speeds of up to 1.4 Mbps."

      If that's accurate, the maximum speed is quite a bit more than twice EDGE speed (AT&T EDGE peaks out at 236.8 kbit/s) it's actually almost 6 times faster. Latency, an even bigger issue with EDGE since it's multiplexing multiple slower GPRS connections together, is MUCH better on AT&T 3G on the other phones so hopefully we'll see that with the iPhone as well.

      One other note: with 3G you can use the data connection at the same time as a voice call. This isn't possible on EDGE and it means you can do things like look up web pages and get emails while you're on the phone with someone. Very cool.
  • Put me in for 2

    Quite frankly, the talk of the cost of the plans is a bunch of nonsense. It might be part of the total cost of ownership but it isn't part of the cost of the phone. I already have a family plan, I already have data service, etc. It's no big deal. Getting the 8gb phone for $199, that is a big deal. 16gb for $299 is fine too. I'll take one of each, thank you.
  • RE: AT

    Yes, there's not much difference in the cost of plans of other providers. Oh but I got this phone free with TMobile! BUZZZZZZ No you didn't. you got hosed for two years of lousy service with a provider that would just assumed break you phone for you every now and again forcing you to reset it and lose everything. Oh and if you drop that phone from a height of 6 inches and it breaks...did they happen to tell you about that insurance deductible when you bought it? NOPE? oh well, you're hosed yet again! Oh and when you try to go back to the store to get a new phone, they want to have you get a NEW 2 year contract!! So now you're hosed for 4 years for 2 phones and you only have 1 that works!

    AT&T is a MUCH better deal. Now if they could just fix their coverage spots in Scottsdale (it's a desert guys with not many hills, so a good signal should be a snap) life would be even better.

    • &T

      AT&T isn't any good (not that any other company is better). Cingular was much better with coverage. I will completely lose a single call 5 or 6 times on drive home from work, on a popular freeway....nice, thanks you piece of junk company with ads that lead you to believe the total opposite. I think that Verizon works perfectly on that freeway, T-Mobile as well.

  • So the iPhone is NOT 1/3 the price of the HTC Touch Diamond!

    [i]If you want no contract in the future, you can buy an iPhone for $599 for the 8GB version or $699 for the 16GB version.[/i]

    Now that we have the price of an unlocked iPhone, we can do a fair price comparison and the iPhone comes in at around the same price as the HTC Touch Diamond, not 1/3 the price as some people were trying to suggest. We'll still have to see how much the subsidized HTC Touch Diamond will cost but I would be surprised if it was much more expensive than the iPhone even though you get [b]so[/b] much more phone for your buck. No, let me take that back, you get much [b]less[/b] phone for your buck considering the Diamond is 1/3 smaller and 20% lighter than the big, bulky, and heavy iPhone. The Diamond also has twice the resolution as the iPhone. I've barely been able to watch video on the iPhone since the picture quality is [b]terrible[/b] at 480*320! Add to that the fact that WM is simply a technically better platform:
    - background processes allowed
    - don't need a Mac to program them
    - no fear of HTC bricking your Diamond if you hack it (although no need to hack it since HTC doesn't restrict you in any way)
    - you get Exchange sync technology from the actual maker instead of through a second hand license (Apple pays MS for [b]every[/b] iPhone sold because they couldn't figure out how to do push data)

    So give yourselves a big slap on the back for finally getting a phone that you can install programs on (after Apple takes their 30% cut of course). I've been installing programs on my 4 year old WM phone. It's fun, welcome to the club! Better late (very, very late) than never! :)
    • iPhone is still 3X better.

      Better screen (you can actually read it outside, larger). Better
      OS. Easier to develop for. The list goes on.

      AT&T, however.... Why could they not have gone with
      Verizon... Same price as Verizon for a worse network...
    • mobile developer thinks otherwise

      Windows mobile is horrid on most if not all devices, tons of lockups and crashing. I'm on my decond HTC built 3125 in a year and a half, and it is hosed. I have a cabinet full of Q's, Blackjacks, etc. that I never open ... one pain after the other.

      - background processes allowed
      This is bad on many levels, and least to 1/2 of WM lockups. Not to mention battery draining and security concerns.

      - don't need a Mac to program them
      This is so worth the price of the distribution mechanism I can't even phathom, do you know how long it takes to get carrier approval for downloaded code on 5 carriers.

      - no fear of HTC bricking your Diamond if you hack it
      You pay full price, you can do as you please. Same with the HTC ...

      At the MMA Forum in NYC (June) the talk was of the two horse race, iPhone vs Blackberry. WM/Palm are pretty much dead in the water, they lost their only advantage in cost.

      The one piece of MS Functionality that rocks is voice search, but the phones are generally too annoying to get the most out of it.
    • BTW? When are you going to stop lying?

      You are aware the resolution of the Diamond is along way
      from twice the resolution of the iPhone don't you?

      Or are you just ignorant?

      So you either:
      1) Don't know the resolution of either screen.
      2) Don't know what resolution means.
      3) Know and simply keep making stuff up to make your
      self feel better.

      So it is 2 choices for ignorance and 1 for out-right lying.
  • RE: AT

    I am pretty sure Verizon was approached first, and didn't like the revenue share ... anyone know?
    • That's my understanding

      Apple went to Verizon and they felt Apple wanted too much, probably knowing what else was coming out. Verizon is a superior network as well and they sell devices very well on that alone.
  • RE: AT

    iWant to play some 3G iBlues on the iClarinet. Any one got a
    #2 iReed?
  • RE: AT

    I've been with TMobile for 3 years and have been very happy with them after bad experiences with Sprint and earlier with AT&T before they became Cingular. TMobile has been GREAT to work with and have had much fewer dropped calls than my experience with the old AT&T and way fewer dropped calls than Sprint.

    I will be switching to the "new" AT&T on the 11th because of the iPhone, which is a shame for TMobile since the only thing they've done wrong by me is that they were way late to the 3G game. They're saying it will be released in November (then again, they said the same thing about this time last year only they were talking about LAST November, so we'll see if they actually deploy it this year).

    Just didn't want TOO much TMobile bashing out there - they've been great for me to deal with and if they just had the iPhone and a solid 3G network I would probably stay with them forever. They're also the only company that offered unlimited Internet access for $9.95 and unlimited SMS/MMS for $4.95 monthly. When will carriers learn from ISPs and drop the prices on their data plans?
  • Waiting A Few Months

    I'm going to let the dust settle and see if any problems crop up before I commit to another contract/phone through AT&T.
  • Not All Cities Have 3G networking

    SO why buy a phone that may not have full capabilities until all regions are running 3G networks?
  • What about my old iPhone?

    What can I do with it? Unlock it and sell it on ebay? Will it still be worth anything?
    • Functional use

  • RE: Functional use...

    Seriously now...