AT&T mobile chief: Windows 8 can boost Windows Phone

AT&T mobile chief: Windows 8 can boost Windows Phone

Summary: Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility, sees a possible Windows 8-Windows Phone juggernaut.


The launch of Nokia's Lumia 900 on AT&T's network has exceeded expectations and momentum for Windows Phone is likely to build when Windows 8 launches, according to Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility.

Speaking at the JP Morgan technology conference, de la Vega was asked about the Lumia. He said:

I am really pleased with what I am seeing out of Microsoft and Nokia coming out with their first product. The operating system works really well. It is simple, it is easy to use, it is intuitive.

The reception to the Lumia launch has actually exceeded our expectations. So we think there is a very good chance that Microsoft will have a very good OS that will be right in there with iOS and Android.

When they come out with Windows 8 in the fourth quarter, I think it will actually add to the value that that OS brings to the marketplace, in that that will be the first time that you can truly have a similar experience on your PC, on your tablet, and on your smartphone from soft Microsoft. From what I have seen and the previews that I have been given, I think it is going to be exceptionally good. I am very upbeat in what they are bringing to the market.

De la Vega's comments come as analysts are starting to pooh-pooh the Windows 8 launch. Microsoft's Windows 8 launch will be a key inflection point for the company. If Windows 8 stumbles, Microsoft will struggle with its tablet plans and the Metro interface may hamper Windows Phone too. On the other side of the equation, Windows 8 and its new interface could be a hit and provide Microsoft with its own halo effect.

Place your bets because no one knows how Windows 8---and its effect on Windows Phone---will fare until the fourth quarter.


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  • AT&T mobile chief: Windows 8 can boost Windows Phone

    Microsoft FTW !!!!
  • I have still

    Yet to see any windows phone 7+ in the wild. Never once. Never known anyone that owned one. I am a sample of one, your mileage may vary.
    • Some

      I've seen several Windows Phone Devices mostly HTC Radar or Nokia 710. But the users seem to be the average Joe then actually knowing what they really own.
    • Windows Phone 7 owners get shafted by WP8

      I think people are avoiding Windows Phone 7 because they know that it will soon be made obsolete by the arrival of Windows Phone 8.

      WP8 will have a different app architecture (WinRT), so WP8 apps won't work on WP7, though WP7 apps can be recompiled for WP8 with a bit of extra coding.

      It's not a good situation for anyone who bought a Lumia or any other current Windows Phone 8 handset. Microsoft resets its mobile OS too often.
      • According to Brandon Watson

        Eldar Murtazin

        WP8 os isnt compatible with wp7 on app level (u need to rewrite all apps). Thats another os core with metro ui???

        @BrandonWatsonBrandon Watson

        @eldarmurtazin Rewatch Mix11 keynote. We were pretty clear on this. Any app built today will run on next major Windows Phone version.
  • AT&T mobile chief: Windows 8 can boost Windows Phone

    If Microsoft Windows 8 is getting this much support by the AT&T president then perhaps the analysts should listen and that goes for ZDNet as well. The transparency between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is what will make Microsoft stand out from the rest.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • You and AT&T are clueless

      the analysts were right to say that windoze will flop everywhere!
      The Linux Geek
  • I believe he likes it so......

    Makes sense that he is expecting it to do some great things. Not only is he using it and really enjoying it the AT&T CEO also is using it and enjoying it. They were iPhone users until now, so goes to show how much people like this phone and software. Some of you can hate it with all your passion, but the reality is that many are liking the phone they bought in the Lumia and word of mouth advertising is the BEST advertising. I had a family friend show me her new phone and it was an HTC Radar and she is far from techie or loving any platform and her words were: "I love my new phone, its very easy and fun to use". It is slowly catching on and with people like her that pick it up and just enjoy it without any preconceived notions, that is a great recipe for success. The product sells itself, but its tough in the echo chamber of iOS and Android, but Microsoft is in it for the long haul!
    • The reality is - this is a business that's.....

      Looking after their huge investment. AT&T has invested heavily in the Nokia Lumia 900, reportedly more than what they paid for the original iPhone. Why? Because now that every other carrier have the iPhone, AT&T can no longer rely on one device, they must diversify. So a AT&T CEO making the claim that he now use a Lumia 900 as his personal device just comes off as a someone protecting that huge investment, nothing more.

      Nokia reportedly is paying $25 million to get At&t staff to Use the Lumia exclusively, instead of the iPhone or Android. And Microsoft has invested heavily into Nokia to push Windows Phone. Sounds like allot of millions going around just to get people to use Windows Phone.
      • I don't believe At&t is the one making.....

        the huge investments here. Its Nokia and Microsoft footing the bill and it may be more than what At&t paid for the iphone since they were the first to get it. Now you see what Sprint paid, somewhere around $15 billion for the iPhone, so you see the costs have gone up since those days and before it came out. At&t is looking to diversify for sure, but I don't think they are spending as much as you think for a phone that has stuggled so far to gain market share.
      • You may be right...

        That Microsoft and Nokia are the ones footing the HUGE bill. Guess thats why De La Vega's been so happy to talk about the Lumia. I would be too.
      • You are right man......

        So its all about money and the phone is garbage. Not sure what I was thinking there. Yeah it didn't win CES best of show or have hundreds of positive reviews. Everyone and everything is being paid off by the M$ coffers! Anyone that buys it is paid off to buy it. I am glad you made me think twice about saying that someone actually likes it, very naive of me. I will shape up next time I post and think back to your thoughts and come to the conclusions better. Thanks again, you really made my day much clearer!
  • What am I bid?

    [ul][i]that will be the first time that you can truly have a similar experience on your PC, on your tablet, and on your smartphone from soft Microsoft.[/i][/ul]That reminds me... I need to put my HP/iPaq 6315 on eBay before I have to sell it for so much a pound.
    Robert Hahn
    • tree fiddy ...

  • AT&T needs Windows 8 to succeed....

    Because if it doesn't, it'll be that much more difficult to cut the iPhone's subsidy burden from their bottomline.
    • Agreed

      The Carriers don't like being so beholden to Apple.
  • Only one improvement request

    Make the Microsoft updates happen faster for the consumer...
    • Verizon.....

      Is updating my HTC Trophy on schedule. At&t is the one slacking and they have the better phones. Makes no sense to me either, but glad Verizon is on it!
  • Another one of Ed's Underdogs.

    This what happens when you hook up with Microsoft on a Smartphone venture.

    [i]"Nokia has sold its New York headquarters, located north of Manhattan in the industrial town of White Plains. Purchased six years ago for $30 million, the struggling Finnish vendor sold the building to biotechnology firm Histogenetics for $12 million. Its a great deal for 12 million bucks, Michael Rao, president of the realtor representing Histogenetics, told The building is gorgeous. Its so spectacular. Nokias move comes as its struggles in the global mobile market continue; [b]the company posted a huge $1.7 billion loss in the second quarter after losing $1.2 billion in the first quarter[/b]. Excluding the White Plains office, Nokia currently has 27 U.S. office locations listed on its website in addition to its North American headquarters in Sunnyvale, California."[/i]


    This also signals a failure at the ZD propaganda division and all those recent articles disparaging Android and Apple phones.

    Lights, Camera, Action: [i]"Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility, sees a possible Windows 8-Windows Phone juggernaut."[/i]
  • Long term.

    I think you must see this a longer perspective. Not only some months, HTC and Samsung will go for Windows Phone Apollo:

    And the situation in future can be completly different for Windows Phone:

    So in that perspective I can understand Nokias choice to.