Best Buy gives poor HD-DVD buyers some gift card balm

Best Buy gives poor HD-DVD buyers some gift card balm

Summary: Best Buy said Wednesday that it will send a $50 gift card to any poor soul that bought a HD-DVD player.The tally will run about $10 million in gift cards, says Best Buy in a statement.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

Best Buy said Wednesday that it will send a $50 gift card to any poor soul that bought a HD-DVD player.

The tally will run about $10 million in gift cards, says Best Buy in a statement. So if you bought an HD-DVD player before Feb. 23--the approximate day HD-DVD died as a format--you'll get a gift card sent to you.

And if you bought an HD-DVD after Feb. 23 you're just not all that bright.

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There are a few caveats. Best Buy will send you a gift card if it can find you. The not-so-subtle hint here is to sign up for Best Buy's Reward Zone program. Other folks can call 888 Best Buy to get their gift cards with a receipt via Best Buy or credit card statement.

Although the Best Buy move is a little gimmicky at least it's something to ease that pain as you watch your HD-DVD player become more extinct by the minute.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • Shouldn't there just be a recycle/replacement program in place

    the components of HD-DVD players are still modern and reusable??? Be nice, maybe environmentally friendly to 'recall' and replace/reimburse to get this dying tech tree out of consumers' way and back into some reasonable reuse now than later . . . if the war is truly over. A gift card IS nice, better than nothing, so cheers to Best Buy . . .
  • Not so dumb

    If you bought an HD DVD after Feb 28th it was probably for $79.00. So in affect you bought a fairly decent upconvert DVD player for less then many sell for. I am waiting for them to drop below $50 myself!
    • That's what I did

      I already had an HD-DVD player, and it up-converts very well - much better than my Panasonic S97 that I paid over $200 for back when. I was amazed at how much better my old DVDs looked, and sounded, with the HD-DVD player.

      So when they dropped in price to $79, I picked up a second one from Costco, and it even included an HDMI cable.
    • Yep

      That's the way I'm doing it...
      I bought my Toshiba HD DVD Player for less than $80.00 in March. Came with 2 HD movies.
      Then I mailed in the included card for 7 more free HD movies.
      AND I am now watching my entire standard DVD collection in near 1080i up-converted glory.
      All this for less than $80.00.
      Yet the author says I should buy a $500 Sony Blu Ray player. And pay $50.00 a apiece for BluRay DVD's to watch a show in High Def.
      And then he states that if I purchased a HD DVD player after Feb 20th something, that I am "not so bright" ?
      I believe it's the other way around.

      And no, I do not believe that I wasted any money. And certainly not as much money as the poor folks buying BluRay stuff. I'll have this player for decades, watching my great collection of DVD's in Hi Def. Just like you all. :)
      It's all I wanted.
  • I bought a BluRay/HD-DVD combo drive

    Do I qualify?
    Michael Kelly
    • Message has been deleted.

      • Not so dumb a comment

        BB is soothing anyone that bought an HD player from their stores prior to Feb. Since that unit is an HD-Player, and since it was purchased so that both formats would be watchable, it looks as if it should definitely qualify.

        $50 still doesn't offset the price difference between the HD player and the Blu-Ray player.

        I'll bet the 40GB PS3 units start selling like extremely well.
      • Keep in mind

        that I could have bought a BluRay burner for the same price, and would have if I hadn't been trying to hedge my bet. In the end I won't complain because I can now buy some cheap HD-DVD movies and still be able to play BluRays. In fact I just bought five of them over the weekend.
        Michael Kelly
    • No

      You don't.
  • Even dumber if you buy a $400 BD player that will be obsolete

    Even dumber if you buy a $400 BD player that will be obsolete by the end of this year since won't be BD Profile 2.0 compliant. Buying a really cheap high-quality upconverting DVD player that happens to play HD DVD and comes with 7 free HD DVD movies isn't so dumb. You'd have to spend $200 to buy just those movies alone.
    • Exactomundo!

      We're very pleased with our Toshiba A30. It makes our existing SD collection look great on our Panasonic plasma. We just rewatched the first Indiana Jones for the first time in the HD player and it was like watching a new movie. Also, we've dubbed a number of our older VHS tapes to DVD and the upscaling feature of the A30 even makes them look better than they actually are.

      For now, I'll be happy with my A30, take the $50 and buy 5 $9.99 SD DVD's until Sony gets the BR-2.0 code finalized.
    • You assume too much.

      Why do you think everyone cares about the 2.0 features? I'll be just fine with my current Sharp Aquos for years to come. I never watch all the extras on the disk or 2nd disk. So, I'm not concernedabout 2.0 until my BD player dies a "natural" death. I hope your assumption helps you sleep better at night, though....
      • I buy a lot of DVDs

        I never look at the extras on the second disks. It's pretty rare that even check them out on the first disc. I'm all about the movie. Don't really care about the deleted scenes, trailers, commentaries and such.
      • If your player is not compliant, that's it.

        BD+ 2.0 disks won't play in non-complaint players. You will be as at the current HD-DVD buyers.

    • ...or get a PS3 that's firmware upgradable.

      So if and when Sony finalizes BD 2.0, they'll just publish a firmware update to support it just like they did with 1.1.
    • The world has ended.

      I agree with George. There are bargains to be had in the HD DVD world. Now if only those players could handle MKV files wouldn't life be grand.
      Bill F.
  • ill stick with my media center.

    I just rip my dvds to my media center and play them anywhere in the house. Same cant be said for blue ray.. i would need 100's of TB of do that.

    Is the "Quality" really worth the price? No. Not right now.
  • RE: Best Buy gives poor HD-DVD buyers some gift card balm

    SMART MOVE! Especially since most people will never redeem them.

    The next thing they should do is drop the price of all that HD-DVD software sitting on the shelves to the same level as regular DVDs so that these "poor, misguided, souls" can spend their gift cards on DVDs that will take advantage of their obsolete hardware. It wouldn't cost them as much as the gift cards might.

    OR, Best Buys could offer full-trade-in value of these devices for Blu-Ray players. that would endear them to a lot more people but it would also cost them a great deal more.
    M Wagner
    • I just got 5 HD-DVDs from Best Buy

      this weekend, and they are already stickered 30% off, which puts them right about at DVD price already.
      Michael Kelly
  • RE: Best Buy gives poor HD-DVD buyers some gift card balm

    PS3 Rules...
    Games, Blu-Ray...

    And it STREAMS all music/video from either my PC or MAC Mini across the wireless network at my house.

    The extra dollars for the PS3 are worth it.

    And we rarely play any games (but Rockband is more fun than we would have thought).