Bitly gets bigger with Twitterfeed acquisition

Bitly gets bigger with Twitterfeed acquisition

Summary: Bitly will soon be streamlining its social media set of tools with the help of Twitterfeed.


Bitly, which is known more for being a tool to size down URL addresses, is getting a bit bigger with the purchase of Twitterfeed.

The combination of these two companies and their products actually makes sense. Bitly is seen on Twitter streams when shortening long website addresses to just a few characters, and Twitterfeed automatically publishes links to Twitter and Facebook feeds. Additionally, both sites allow users to track visitor statistics and related traffic information.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Twitterfeed's Mario Menti wrote few details about his future involvement on his London-based company's blog:

I myself will continue to be involved in Twitterfeed much as before, except now as part of Bitly. In the short term, nothing dramatic will change, while we are looking into areas where closer co-operation and development make sense.

As for New York-based Bitly, reps offered up just a tad more on their blog:

Along with other products (such as SocialFlow and that use bitly to share content and track engagement, Twitterfeed is both creating and consuming gobs of bitly data every day. Twitterfeed had over a million active users last month, and we look forward to empowering them with even more actionable insight from bitly data. We also look forward to bringing the enhanced sharing functionality of Twitterfeed directly to, making it easier than ever to collect, organize, shorten and share links.

For reference, Bitly also noted that it has been working with Twitterfeed for some time now "to enhance their social media publishing tools with branded short links and real-time data."


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