BlackBerry maker denies consumer market retreat

BlackBerry maker denies consumer market retreat

Summary: RIM has clarified comments to deny that the company is leaving the consumer market, in favour of reestablishing its enterprise and business customer base.


Research in Motion has backtracked on comments its chief executive didn't actually make, and clarified its position on the future of the BlackBerry smartphone.

From "RIM says it is pulling out of the consumer market", and "Blackberry maker RIM backs off consumer efforts", to Sky News reporting that the "BlackBerry Maker Gives Up On Consumer Market".

But Heins didn't explicitly say that.

Instead, a point was made on refocusing and 'doubling down' the enterprise market, while leaving the consumer space open to interpretation and speculation.

He said last night during a conference call:

"We plan to refocus on the enterprise business and capitalise on our leading position in this segment. [...] We believe that BlackBerry cannot succeed if we tried to be everybody's darling and all things to all people. Therefore, we plan to build on our strength."

Patrick Spense, RIM's managing director of global sales and regional marketing, spoke to Pocket-Lint to clarify the company's position:

“The claim that RIM has said it will withdraw from the consumer market is wholly inaccurate.

Whilst we announced plans to re-focus our efforts on our core strengths, and on our enterprise customer base, we were very explicit that we will continue to build on our strengths to go after targeted consumer segments. We listed BBM, as well as the security and manageability of our platform, amongst these strengths”

Alec Saunders, RIM's vice-president for developer relations, tweeted this morning to confirm the case:

Well, that settles it, then.

Image source: Twitter.


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  • New CEO as hapless as the last 2

    Seems like the New CEO is as hapless as the last 2.

    What RIM need to do is junk the dying hardware business, focus on BES and deliver BES clients for IOS, Android and WP7. Charge customers directly (bypassing the Cell Networks) a flat $5-10/month for BES access and rake the money in.

    The do Enterprise Grade Messageing, BBM, Infrastucture well.

    Hardware they suck at, Playbook debacle esp, and it is heading for thin margin consumerisation.
  • blackberry?

    do they still exist?