BYOD: The Promise and Specter of IT's Brave New World (video)

BYOD: The Promise and Specter of IT's Brave New World (video)

Summary: Join experts and CBS Interactive editors to hear more about what the enterprise world is doing about the BYOD trend.


If you're using your personal mobile device for work, and there's a good chance you are, you could be putting your device and your organizations data at risk. The trend of BYOD is way past the experimental stage, so how is corporate IT staying ahead of the curve and still allowing anytime, anywhere access.

Join host Jonas Tichenor, ZDNet Editor Andrew Nusca, MokaFive COO Purnima Padmanabham, and CBS Interactives Sr. Director of IT Infrastructure for a lively debate on the consumerization of IT and how it can effect your business.


Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Hmm

    Still not seeing it.
  • Not Happening Everywhere

    Esp with large corporations. Everything beyond Outlook push to a personal phone via the webmail interface, non-Co device access is not happening.

    The major corporations, if they have any concern around proprietary and core critical information, do NOT allow access to the network via anything that is NOT company owned. If it's not a Co owned machine, it doesn't have the required security and encryption software and it is NOT accessing systems of the corporation.

    And actually, personally, I DO NOT WANT access to it all from my personal device. My personal time IS MY personal TIME.

    Leave the 150% time connectivity for the folks that have not gone to the burnout level yet. We're only good to a company when we are REALLY focussed on the company, including keeping all of the critical resources of the company safe.